Saving Water this World Earth Day with Rainwater Harvesting

It’s World Earth Day and we are encouraging everyone to consider how they use water in their homes, properties, and organisations. From taps to toilets, we all have a duty to use water responsibly. The theme of this year’s event is to ‘invest in our planet’ and you may be wondering how you can help. Don’t worry, we will be using this week’s blog to highlight the importance of investing in rainwater harvesting to make your property future ready!

The problem

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, but water is running out. Our climate is becoming warmer, and the global population is expanding rapidly. Each country’s water issues are different, but the UK is on track to face significant water shortages if we do not change our reliance on drinking water supplies by 2050. Areas of the Southeast are already considerably water stressed.

Our current model is based on an age-old principle where every water outlet in the home or commercial buildings is fed by a single supply, known as mains water. The problem with relying on mains water supplies for every outlet is that this water is needed for drinking and sanitation.  So, why are we wasting precious drinking water on flushing our toilets, washing our cars, and watering the garden?

Solutions made simple

Our solution is simple, let’s all recycle rainwater! Stormsaver are here to help you reduce your reliance on traditional mains water supplies by providing you with a safe, sustainable alternative. You may be thinking that rainwater harvesting is limited to water butts in small gardens, but rainwater harvesting technologies have advanced significantly in the past 10 years. Using the latest technology, our rainwater harvesting systems help to capture any rainwater runoff from roofs to provide a supply to toilets and other non-potable applications. Every drop of rainwater captured goes through a minimum of two filtration devices to ensure safety and cleanliness.

What is in it for you?

By investing in rainwater harvesting, you are automatically protecting your building against water supply challenges of the near future! What could feel better than that? Some of the other benefits:

  • Reduce carbon – rainwater harvesting is proven to use less carbon than traditional mains water. Interested? Read our handy rainwater harvesting carbon guide here.
  • Reduce water use – you will be using free rainwater to supply outlets in your building
  • Reduce your monthly water bill – our rainwater harvesting systems help you to save money off mains water bills.

You can also impress your customers, visitors, and team members by showing off your commitment to water conservation. As well as this, you will also be supporting the local community by decreasing localised flood risk.

Just ask

Our team of experienced rainwater harvesting experts are here to provide you with a bespoke rainwater harvesting solution tailored to your site requirements. We can size systems based on water demand, or roof area. Contact our friendly team here.

We also offer free CPD sessions if you are wanting to learn more about water recycling. Book here.

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