How Rainwater Harvesting is done

Rainwater is channelled into roof drainage points where it is collected in a rainwater harvesting storage tank. Prior to entering the storage tank, reclaimed rainwater is processed through a mesh filter which removes larger debris like leaves and avion-related items.

Rainwater enters the main storage tank via an inlet calmer preventing find sediment on the base of the storage tank from being disturbed. In the event of the storage tank becoming full, an automatic overflow ensures excess rainwater is channelled into the drainage system. The overflow is complete with a none-return valve arrangement to ensure no objects can enter the rainwater harvesting storage tank.

The rainwater harvesting storage tank contains level sensors and submersible pumps which, when a demand for water is detected by the control panel, will take water from the cleanest part of the tank via a floating suction filter.

Rainwater Harvesting storage tanks are sized based on local weather data, occupancy, and roof space. Tanks can be located underground or below ground.  

 rainwater harvesting

Reclaimed rainwater is then distributed to a pressurised control panel or break tank via the submersible pump. An optional third stage of filtration is recommended at this point in the form of UV filtration and automatic backwashing.

Reclaimed rainwater is then boosted to points of use via the rainwater harvesting control panel to supply non-potable applications, including toilets, urinals, irrigation systems, vehicle wash plants and laundry systems.

Our Rainwater Harvesting Products Page includes more information on the different types of systems available.

Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting Systems are ideal for commercial buildings or communities with large roof spaces and a high occupancy. Our team of experts will always provide you with most efficient rainwater harvesting system to suit your bespoke requirements.

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