Why Greywater Recycling?
Why Greywater Recycling?

Greywater Recycling reduces potable water consumption by up to 75%  

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling System

The Aqualoop Greywater Recycling System is the ideal water reuse solution for newly constructed commercial developments. The Aqualoop system provides a secondary sustainable water supply for the building and can achieve high levels of water quality by taking advantage of ultra-filtration technologies. Aqualoop is complete with automatic backwashing to reduce maintenance costs and requirements. learn more about Aqualoop Greywater Recycling here.

Combined Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting

Combined Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting Systems are becoming increasingly popular in areas of serious water stress. Combined Systems offer the best opportunity to future-proof developments against future water scarcity. Find out how these systems work here. 

How Greywater Recycling works

Greywater Recycling is a relatively new technology to the UK market. Awareness of the technology is significantly lower than other water reuse technologies. In fact, the technology of greywater recycling is often mistaken for rainwater harvesting which is an entirely different way of recycling water. Learn how greywater recycling works here.

Greywater Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

Stormsaver receives many questions about greywater recycling. We have collated our list our frequently asked questions to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the technology of greywater recycling. Alternatively, if you have a question about greywater recycling, feel free to ask using the contact us form at the bottom of this page.

Information on Greywater Recycling

The growing need for Greywater Recycling

The expansion of the built environment cannot continue to occur without access to clean, safe, and plentiful water supplies. In the UK, most newly constructed buildings still rely on a single potable water supply to cover the total water demand for the building. This practice has remained largely unchanged since the installation of large-scale water infrastructure in the Victorian Times.

Whilst the provision of a single supply was acceptable back then, our water needs have changed dramatically due to surging populations, unpredictable weather conditions, and dry spells hindering water utility companies from building up a stable supply of potable water.

Greywater Recycling changes the way buildings use water. As well as the traditional mains water supply entering the building, a secondary sustainable supply of water is produced on-site through the recycling of lightly contaminated wastewater to supply non-potable outlets within the building.

Wastewater from showers, hand wash basins, and bathtubs is captured through a separate network of pipes and diverted away from the drainage network and into a greywater recycling system. The process of greywater recycling involves managing water runoff locally for sustainable drainage and the provision of an autonomous self-supply for non-potable use.

Support for Greywater Recycling

Awareness of greywater recycling technologies has grown significantly in the past decade yet is still dramatically lower than the UK’s European counterparts where the technology is widely used. Water companies, government, and local authorities have all shown their support for the provision of greywater recycling in all newly constructed developments.

Greywater recycling is an essential part of the UK Government's Environmental Improvement Plan, The London Plan, and the plan to conserve water by WaterWise. Water Utility companies look favourably upon greywater recycling as the technology reduces the volume of water needing treatment in their wastewater networks and helps them reduce water consumption. Ofwat, the UK water regulator is also currently looking into plans for incentivising developers to install the technology.

Including a greywater recycling system in your planning application may assist with gaining more support for the intended development.

Considerations for Greywater Recycling

Payback period – Every greywater recycling system will have a financial payback period. Financial savings can be achieved as the cost of recycling greywater is less than the cost of mains water. A typical payback period of a system is usually between 5-7 years, although Stormsaver can calculate a precise payback period for you, just ask our team at the proposal stage.

Installation – Greywater Recycling Systems are usually installed by a mechanical and electrical contractor. As the product is a specialist piece of equipment, Stormsaver can provide installation services to eliminate the risk of incorrect installations. Just ask for installation to be included in your proposal.

Maintenance – Every Greywater Recycling System should have a bi-annual maintenance plan to ensure high-quality levels of water are being produced. The Stormsaver Aqualoop Greywater Recycling System incorporates many technologies to reduce maintenance requirements for the end user. Automatic backwashing and chemical dosing systems remove the risk of biological film building up within the system’s pipework. Systems that do not use chemical dosing are at greater risk of failure from blockages.

The Benefits of Greywater Recycling
  • Reduced mains water consumption for the building resulting in a smaller water bill.
  • Greywater recycling systems pay for themselves over the lifespan of the product.
  • Contribute towards reduced risk of pollutants entering rivers and oceans when the sewage network becomes overwhelmed.
  • Highlight your commitment to sustainability to staff, visitors, and clients.
  • Aid planning applications in areas of high water stress.  
  • Take advantage of targeted financial savings from the incumbent water company. Check with your supplier to see if incentives are available.

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