12 month system warranty
12 month system warranty

All Stormsaver systems come with a 12 month warranty from date of commissioning.

 rainwater harvesting system for service station

By combining tanks, control panel, pumps and filtration devices in an all-in-one unit, the StormStation offers complete flexibility based on your bespoke requirements. The above ground unit not only eliminates the cost of expensive underground tanks but is a great marketing tool which is visible to your clients and team members.

Carbon Neutral StormStation Rainwater Harvesting System 

Looking to be carbon neutral? StormStation can now be made carbon neutral with the addition of solar panels. The unit will generate its own power and supply any additional power back into the grid, resulting in reduced running costs. Just ask our friendly team to supply the carbon neutral option in your rainwater harvesting proposal.


Find out how StormStation works

  1. Pipe work runs in above ground or below ground ducting
  2. A suitable base needs to be installed for the StormStation
  3. The unit gets offloaded from a delivery vehicle and connected to appliances with no underground tanks involved
  4. By combining renewable energy, the StormStation off set carbon emissions as it generates its own power
  5. The unit is located outside of the building and connected to the roof drainage
  6. When the rainwater is collected from the roof it is diverted into the StormStation
  7. The filter in the tank removes any leaves and other debris
  8. This allows the filtered, clean water to enter the tank via the inlet calmer (inlet calmer – oxygenates the water and prevents disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank)
  9. When there is demand for water, it is taken via a floating suction filter, taking water from the cleanest part of the tank and into the booster pumps ( this is sized to suit flow requirements)
  10. The water is then ready to be used…

Rainwater is collected from the roof area of the building and enters the main storage tank via the pre-tank filter installed within. Storage capacities range from 3000L to 20,000L. Your rainwater is then distributed at pressure by either fixed or variable speed, twin booster pumps. As with all Stormsaver systems, there is an automatic, WRAS Compliant mains water top up to provide a continuous water supply.

The unit is pre-plumbed and assembled with any BMS connections, automatic backwashing filtration, UV disinfection or controls that you may have specified and is fully tested before leaving our manufacturing facility. This will save you time and labour on site, and minimises the likelihood of mistakes being made during the installation. 

Features and Benefits of the StormStation Rainwater Harvesting System

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