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Here's our latest news releases. We also produce a quarterly e-newsletter. Click here if you would like to sign up (you can cancel your subscription at any time).

23 Jul 2019

Work Experience Student's Marketing success

This week, Stormsaver have had the pleasure of welcoming Angelina, a Year 10 student at Southwell Minster School, for work experience.

During her time here Angelina has had a chance to learn about the business and our rainwater harvesting products, as well as spending time with our maintenance team. She assisted with sales and administrative duties (no, we didnt have her making tea!) and her time culminated in her penning her first ever article, which has been released today.

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08 May 2019

Active Attenuation - The Future of Rainwater Management

Active Attenuation cratesStormsaver are leading the way in rainwater management having now been in partnership for a year with StormHarvester.

Read our article about how combining your attenuation with rainwater harvesting to create an "Active Attenuation" solution, can minimise costs, streamline your drainage design and utilise the most modern weather monitoring technology available to predict and control how much rainwater is being stored and re-used.

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23 May 2018

Environment Agency predicts severe water shortages by 2050

Water reuseToday the Environment Agency has predicted severe water shortages in England by 2050 unless rapid action is taken to change the situation.

Follow the link to find out more...


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21 May 2018

GDPR. What you can expect from Stormsaver

GDPRGDPR comes into force in the UK on 25th May. Businesses and organisations across the UK must now comply with the new regulations and so Stormsaver have ensured that protection and use of your personal data it completely in line with the new requirements.


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10 May 2018

Stormsaver partner with Stormharvester to bring Active Attenuation systems to market

Active Attenuation cratesStormsaver, the UK's market leader in rainwater harvesting has set up an exclusive partnership with Stormharvester, designers of a unique weather prediction software.


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24 Apr 2018

Stormsaver launch revolutionary StormStation for rainwater harvesting

Introducing the revolutionary StormStation – from Stormsaver 

StormStation for Petrol Stations

The StormStation combines rainwater storage, controls, pumps and mainswater back up, all in one piece of kit. Simple to install and easy to connect, this exciting product opens up a huge opportunity for sites who have not before been able to access rainwater harvesting. 


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22 Nov 2016

Stormsaver Visit Mozambique with WaterAid

Stormsaver Working with WaterAid

Over the last few months Lisa Farnsworth has been taking over our blog to share with you her journey to Mozambique. Lisa has been learning more about WaterAid and the incredible work they do by experiencing it first hand in Mozambique.

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17 Sep 2019

Stormsaver launch new web site

stormsaver launch new web siteThis week, Stormsaver launched their new web site....the one and only resource you will ever need for rainwater harvesting and attenuation

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26 Nov 2015

Business Award Win for Stormsaver Sales Director

Business Award Success for Stormsaver's Sales DirectorStormsaver are pleased to announce that Sales Director, Lisa Farnsworth, has been announced as the winner of Nottinghamshires Most Inspirational Business Woman of the Year in the Nottingham Post Women in Business Awards 2015. 

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01 Sep 2015

Business Award Success for Stormsaver's Sales Director

Business Award Success for Stormsaver's Sales DirectorStormsaver are pleased to announce that Sales Director, Lisa Farnsworth, has been selected as a finalist in the Nottingham Post Women in Business Awards 2015.

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12 Nov 2015

Stormsaver launch revolutionary SUDS system

Stormsaver launch revolutionary SUDS systemIt made perfect sense.... rainwater harvesting and SUDS were like a match made in heaven!

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31 Oct 2015

Stormsaver gains WRAS Approval

Stormsaver gains WRAS ApprovalStormsaver, the industry leader in rainwater harvesting, has gained WRAS Approval for their Monsoon domestic systems

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