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Stormsaver Careers

Were currently hiring!

Position: Assistant Technical Engineer

Location: Winkburn, Nottinghamshire

Employment Type: Full-Time - Permanent

Role Summary:
To support all clients and sales staff in a technical capacity prior to and further to receiving order. To undertake commissioning and maintenance visits at sites across the UK. To undertake all site technical work and ensure that all technical operations run smoothly both on site and in the office. To support the workshop team with assembly of plumbing and electrical components to a high quality. Job role will require travelling to and from sites and nights away from home.

Role Duties:
1. Assist our Technical Manager in his technical capacity.
2. Technical site visits, site surveys, system demos.
3. Dealing with technical / sales enquiries day to day, enquiries relating to quotations.
4. Preparing and supplying installation/ O&M manuals/ product information.
5. Assisting other members of staff to answer customer technical queries.
6. Updating manuals, drawings, customer drawings, approving customer site related drawings and supplier equipment drawings utilising CAD.
7. Product assembly including electrical and plumbing, manage technical support and suppliers in the manufacture and assembly of products.
8. Commissioning systems and produce reports for clients.
9. Maintenance and servicing of systems to timescales to minimise travelling and maximise working hours.
10. Technical reports following meetings, site visits, tendering for jobs, speculative feasabiltiy study works.
11. Monthly stock count.
12. Carrying out admin work relating to all work activities eg. filing, updating records in hard copy and on SID (internal database). Creation of and updating site equipment database.   
13. Research and Development.
14. Customer relations post installation and on site. 
15. Any other reasonable tasks which may be required from time to time.

Mechanical, plumbing and electrical experience essential (although full training will be given)

Competitive salary
Company pension
Use of company van
20 days holiday per year (plus all statutory days)


To apply or for more information, please contact stormsaver via email at or on 01636 815254.

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Quick Quote

"We have been using Stormsaver systems for the last 5-6 years on all our commercial projects and it is always a pleasure to work with them, very professional, always helpful, and deliver their promises every time. Big thank you to all members of the Stormsaver team.

Excellent Job!!!"

Testimonial - Mechanical and Engineering Contractor