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Stormsaver is passionate about spreading awareness of water reuse. Do you want to learn more about rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling or water conservation? Our weekly educational blog can help you to understand the fundamentals of many important topics within the water, construction, and facilities management industries. Learn more below.

A guide to Rainwater Harvesting Tank Cleaning

Like any mechanical or electrical system, Rainwater Harvesting Systems perform best when they are maintained properly. Regular planned preventative maintenance can ensure a safe, sustainable water supply and prolong system life span.

Why combine Rainwater Harvesting with Attenuation capacity

Attenuation capacity often sits empty waiting for the next incoming storm. Combined rainwater harvesting and attenuation systems are designed to make more efficient use of the otherwise underutilised storage capacity by using the capacity as storage for the rainwater harvesting system. Find out more here.

Did you know Rainwater Harvesting reduces carbon emissions?

The nature of rainwater harvesting means that it is often forgotten about as rainwater tanks are located underground, but it is an important tool to protect our environment. We are going to be using this week’s blog as a guide to the carbon saving potential of rainwater harvesting. Find out more here.

Why Automatic Backwashing is the best for Rainwater Harvesting

The latest blog in our CEO Series. This week Michael shares his knowledge on Automatic Backwashing for Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Find out why they are the best filtration solution here. 

Why Community Rainwater Harvesting is the future

The perfect storm is brewing in the UK housing sector. Rapid construction of new housing developments, coupled with growing pressure on ageing water infrastructure, and increased flood risk from the impacts of climate change are massive challenges the sector will need to overcome. If we do not act now on water scarcity, the UK will face shortages by 2050. Find out more here.

A guide to Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling

Water Reuse is the newest term on the sustainability agenda. Water Reuse involves managing water locally through Rainwater Harvesting or Greywater Recycling and is an important tool for developers to reduce unnecessary use of drinking water. Find out more here. 

What pre-planned maintenance is required for commercial rainwater harvesting systems?

If you are a facilities manager and have a rainwater harvesting system on your site, or are simply interested in water reuse, then we have got you covered! We will be using this week’s blog as a guide to rainwater harvesting system maintenance. Find out more here. 

What is a Combi Rainwater Harvesting System?

Today, we are going to be using this blog to explain more about the Stormsaver Combi Rainwater Harvesting System which is the most common type of rainwater harvesting installation in the UK. Find out more here. 

Wake up to water scarcity. It is time to become water-efficient. World Water Day

Can you imagine waking up to rationed water supplies? Although it is hard to imagine here in the UK, that is the reality facing four billion people across the globe. Even in the UK, many regions are classed as ‘seriously water stressed’ by water regulators. Find out more here. 

Why harvest rainwater in commercial buildings?

Many people think that collecting rainwater is still only achievable on a small scale through a traditional water butt. Whilst water butts are a great way of harvesting rainwater on a domestic scale, commercial solutions by Stormsaver include many more safety features and technology to maximise water savings. We are going to be using this blog to explain the reasons why all large development projects should have rainwater harvesting installed as standard.

20th anniversary interview with Lisa Farnsworth

We are celebrating 20 years of Stormsaver! In celebration of this milestone, our marketing team sat down with our Managing Director and Founder, Lisa Farnsworth to talk all things Stormsaver. Find out more here.

Water bills set to rise to highest rate in 20 years but Stormsaver have the solution

News of the highest price increase in 20 years has just made headlines across the UK. The whopping 7.5% increase in water bills is a result of higher energy costs for water suppliers. But it does not have to be all doom and gloom! Stormsaver have the solution to help keep your facility’s water bills down even as the cost-of-living crisis bites. Our Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Systems are ready and waiting to help your building reduce reliance on costly mains water supplies. Read the full blog here. 

What is it like to complete a Design Engineer Placement at Stormsaver?

This week we launched an exciting opportunity to join our award-winning careers program as a Design Engineer Placement Student. We asked our current placement student, Luke to share his experiences over the last couple of months. Find out more here. 

CEO Series: Why we need more Retrofit Rainwater Harvesting

The UK is heading into a well-documented water crisis. Climate change, water habits and population growth all put a severe strain onto our existing water infrastructure. In order to meet future demands we need to find 3.4 billion litres per day in order to avoid water shortages like those seen during 2022.

Stormsaver at 20: Interview with Michael Farnsworth, founder and CEO

In case you missed it, Stormsaver is celebrating 20 years of water conservation success! In celebration of this important milestone, we wanted to throw it back to where it all began. For this week’s blog we asked our Marketing Executive, Matt to sit down with Mike Farnsworth, our CEO  and Founder to ask him some questions on how he came to build the UK’s market leading water reuse company.

The weather outside is frightful and water scarcity is not delightful: why water conservation is important in winter

Winter is here, but so is water scarcity. It is easy to about the droughts, hose pipe bans and water shortages of the long, dry summer of 2022, especially as the weather starts to get just a bit chillier. As media attention on water scarcity begins to die down, we all need to step up our water conservation efforts, because now is the time for our precious reservoirs to refill with fresh drinking water supplies for the year ahead. Find out more here. 

The need for green: why rainwater harvesting is a must on all new buildings

Net Zero – the target we will begin to hear more and more of in the run up to 2050. That’s when the UK Government are aiming to decarbonise our economy. Essentially, this means we all need to reduce our emissions to as low as possible, with any unavoidable emissions being offset through natural forests and new capture technologies. Find out more here. 

Shared Success: How showcasing your Rainwater Harvesting System can impress

We have a problem! The truth is many people are unaware of water scarcity in the UK. In fact, 72% of the British Public think the UK is a water-rich nation according to The Great British Rain Paradox… and if we are going to boost our water conservation efforts, everyone needs to know about issues surrounding water supply. Find out more here. 


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CEO Series: An introduction to Water Recycling Systems by Michael Farnsworth

The first in our CEO Series. WIth over 20 years in the water recycling industry Michael Farnsworth knows everything there is to know about rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling. Read his blog here! .

Water Savings, Maximised. How to get your Rainwater Harvesting System prepared for Winter

Checking your trees – that is the key to getting your Rainwater Harvesting System ready for the colder months! Okay, so maybe not literally checking your trees, but ensuring you schedule your Rainwater Harvesting Tank Clean in correctly is important. But don’t worry, we are going to give you the ultimate guide to protecting your system throughout the Autumn and Winter months. Read more in our blog he

Introducing the Carbon Neutral StormStation

Today, we launch our newest product, the Carbon Neutral StormStation. This is a unique self-contained rainwater harvesting system which combines tanks, filters, pumps, and controls all in one unit, but with the added benefit of solar technology. We will deliver your “ready to install” Storm Station to your chosen position straight from the back of the delivery vehicle. Combination of these two technologies removes all the difficulty and headache for you so all you have to do is connect and go!

The importance of Legionella Testing explained

Do you have a Rainwater Harvesting System? If so, do you know what Legionella is? It's a form of bacteria which proliferates in water. Read this blog to find out more about Legionella and the importance of testing...

Rainwater Harvesting - Getting Started

Are you new to Rainwater Harvesting? Wondering how it works or how much water you can save? Read this blog to get started!

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