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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need
Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

CommercialRainwater Harvesting

Commercial rainwater harvesting isn't just about the environment. Stormsaver's rainwater harvesting systems help companies save money, including yours.

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

DomesticRainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is an effective and eco friendly method of reducing water usage in your home, which will lead to reduced water bills.

Attenuation Systems


Manage your stormwater using attenuation or soakaways and at the same time harvest the rain for water re-use

Greywater Recycling


Re-use water from your shower and taps with our simple, safe solution

Maintenance of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Maintenanceof Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Let our team of expert engineers bring you peace of mind that your systems are being looked after professionally

The Stormsaver Office

Rainwater Harvesting Systems


During this time of unforeseen crisis, Stormsaver are trying, where possible to maintain services to all our clients across the construction and maintenance industries.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers, partners and the communities we serve. Our thoughts are with those directly affected by the virus, and those caring for loved ones.

Wherever possible, we are keeping our office based operations running, Some of our team are working from home and we are still able to provide quotations, technical information and support for your projects. Please take note of the alternative numbers to call here. Meetings can be carried out online but we will not be carrying out CPD's or face to face meetings.

We have streamlined our on site presence and will temporarily be offering limited services. These include urgent commissionings, emergency maintenance visits or anything where your building needs work to enable you to have a continued water supply. In all cases we would ask you to follow our Risk Assessment in terms of Coronavirus. Tank cleaning is still available within a limited area of the UK

Some deliveries can still be made but there may be an extension to lead times if we cannot get stock from our suppliers. We cannot deliver above or below ground tanks at this time. 

We will return to normal operations as soon as we are able to and thank you for your understanding.



About Stormsaver


" I have worked with Stormsaver for a number of years and been very pleased with the service and support provided, Lisa has been professional and offered good technical advice, which is always project specific.

I have been impressed with how the company has grown and ... moved with the times and look forward to the next project."

Alun Bevans - Senior Public Health Engineer at Arup

“We installed the Stormsaver domestic rainwater harvesting system 8 years ago. The savings on our mains water consumption have been amazing. We are a 4 person household, with 2 kids so lots of baths and clothes washing! We use around 56m3 of mains water a year the s ...ame as an average single person household without rainwater harvesting.  Our systems provides rainwater for toilets, laundry and irrigation and has reduced our water bill over £200 a year. I specialise in designing and building low energy housing and it is important that I not only research the best available products, but actual experience using them. The Stormsaver system has been simple to install and maintain with very good after market care, I will be using their product again.”

Charlie Luxton - Architect and TV Presenter

Every day I continue to be delighted with the results that the Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system is delivering. I tell everyone about it! We've even made our water meter public to show how much water we save!

Kelvin Jones, Gorseinon Development Trust

Latest News

Active Attenuation - The Future of Rainwater Management

Stormsaver are leading the way in rainwater management having now been in partnership for a year with StormHarvester.

Read our article about how combining your attenuation with rainwater harvesting to create an "Active Attenuation" solution, can minimise costs, streamline your drainage design and utilise the most modern weather monitoring technology available to predict and control how much rainwater is being stored and re-used.

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Environment Agency predicts severe water shortages by 2050

Today the Environment Agency has predicted severe water shortages in England by 2050 unless rapid action is taken to change the situation.

Follow the link to find out more...


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GDPR. What you can expect from Stormsaver

GDPR comes into force in the UK on 25th May. Businesses and organisations across the UK must now comply with the new regulations and so Stormsaver have ensured that protection and use of your personal data it completely in line with the new requirements.

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