12-month Warranty
12-month Warranty

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling comes with a 12-month warranty period for complete peace of mind. 

Where can recycled greywater be used? 

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling can provide a sustainable water supply for the following applications within a commercial property;

  • Toilet and urinal flushing
  • Vehicle washing
  • Cleaning and wash down
  • Laundry
  • Living wall watering and irrigation
  • Industrial and manufacturing use
  • Cooling and conditioning

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling is ideal for many commercial building types, particularly those with high potable water consumption. 

Leisure Centres

 greywater recycling system in a leisure centre

Aqualoop Greywater Recycling is ideal for leisure centres. Leisure centres typically have a high number of showering facilities and wash hand basins with a high potable water use. This combination makes Greywater Recycling ideal for achieving water savings of up to 75%. 

Office Buildings

 greywater recycling system in an office building

Office Developments are ideal for Aqualoop Greywater Recycling due to the high number of wash hand basins. Offices also have a high volume of toilet and urinal flushes on a daily basis making greywater recycling the perfect solution for saving potable water supplies. 

Hotels & Student Accomodation

 greywater recycling system in hotel

Greywater Recycling is well suited to hotel and student accommodation buildings. A daily number of guests using showers and handwash basins produce high volumes of waste greywater. With Aqualoop, waste greywater can be recycled for toilet flushing. 

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling Features

NSF Certified - Aqualoop is the only greywater recycling system on the market with NSF certification. NSF certification provides you with complete peace of mind that the Aqualoop Greywater Recycling System has endured rigorous, independent testing to ensure a high-quality water supply is provided without maintenance intervention over a period of six months.

Remote Monitoring - Aqualoop can be supplied with I-CONNECT Monitoring for Facility Managers to remotely monitor the operation of the system. The I-CONNECT Monitoring Platform can be asked remotely via a desktop web portal or mobile application giving end users complete control over their system. The system can also be connected to traditional BMS through BacNet to allow seamless integration with all building systems.

Packaged Solution - Aqualoop is supplied as a package solution for easy installation during the construction process. 


Aqualoop Greywater Recycling Filtration 

Aqualoop Greywater Recycling Systems takes advantage of unique filtration technologies to ensure a safe, sustainable water supply for building users all whilst reducing maintenance costs for the end user. Here are the ways we ensure high water quality;


 greywater recycling system filtration

The Stormsaver Greywater Recycling System processes incoming greywater through a mesh filter to prevent larger debris from entering the treatment tank. Aqualoop uses a high-pressure water supply to backwash the mesh and send excess debris to the drain. 

Biological Treatment

 greywater recycling system filtration

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling uses growth bodies within the treatment tank to increase the surface area for healthy bacteria to grow as part of the treatment process.

Membrane Filtration

 greywater recycling system filtration

Our patented membrane filter traps bacteria particulates in hollow fibres. Stormsaver Greywater Recycling can automatically backwash these filters using an air supply to extend the lifespan of the filter. 

Pre-tank filtration

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling processes incoming waste greywater through a mesh filter to separate larger debris from the water. Aqualoop incorporates a high-pressure backwashing nozzle to automatically remove debris buildup from the surface of the mesh filter. Unlike other systems available on the market, the high-pressure supply comes directly from the booster set to ensure there is a sufficient supply to fully clean the mesh. 

Bioreactor Treatment Tank

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling utilises a biological, low-energy treatment process to ensure high levels of water quality. Greywater within the biological treatment tank is subject to a constant supply of oxygen. Growth bodies within the system increase the surface area of the bioreactor tank. Collectively, the oxygen supply and growth bodies create a positive environment for healthy bacteria to grow as part of the natural treatment process.

Membrane Filtration

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling Systems processes all greywater through a patented membrane station to remove bacteria and viruses down to 0.2 microns. The membrane station can be seen here on the image. Membrane stations contain hollow fibres to trap any unwanted particulates before the greywater is boosted into the clean water tank.

Membrane stations within the Aqualoop System are also subject to a thorough backwashing process where an air supply is pushed through the filtres in the reverse direction to remove any excess buildup of contaminants.

Chemical Dosing

Stormsaver uses a small volume of chemical additives to automatically clean pipework within the greywater system. Chemical additives are not used to clean any greywater but remove biofilm from within the pipework which could lead to systems becoming blocked.

Alternative manufacturers do not have an automatic chemical dosing facility; therefore, require this process to be completed manually as part of the planned preventative maintenance program by the end user. Without chemical cleaning, excess biofilm can accumulate in the pipework and cause blockages. It is always advised that chemical cleaning be included in any greywater proposal as standard to protect the system for the long term.

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