water saving tips

Our favourite water saving tips

Achieving water efficiency is easier than you think! Changing lifestyle habits can help contribute to a more sustainable future. Here are some simple lifestyle changes to help you use less water…

Time your shower

The average shower uses 12 litres every minute. Why not shorten your shower time to the length of your favourite song? Reducing shower time can lead to decreased monthly water and heating bills, as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

Only boil what you need

Reducing kettle boil time can not only save energy but reduces water usage too! That is a win-win for your monthly bills.

Spreading the word

Changing habits across our society is the only way we will tackle the global water crisis. Spreading the word about water conservation is an easy to educate people on the need to save water.

Have a shower instead of a bath

Did you know taking a 5-minute shower can save over 40 litres of water?

Check those leaks

Checking your home or business for leaks is an important job. Leaks can not only create damage to your property but also produce unnecessary water waste. 

Garden watering

Replacing a garden sprinkler with a conventional watering can save between 500 and 1000 litres of water per hour.

 water neutrality

Water Neutrality

Some areas are even considering water neutrality to help tackle increasing pressure on our ageing water infrastructure. Water Neutrality will apply to all new developments which are in a defined region. New developments in this region will not be permitted to demand any more mains water than the sites original water usage. Water neutrality can be achieved by developers in three stages, including reduced water usage, reuse of water and offsetting any unavoidable consumption.


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