Display monitoring rainwater harvesting system in a reception area

The need for Rainwater Harvesting Monitoring

Until now, commercial rainwater harvesting systems have often gone unnoticed by building users who are simply unaware that a rainwater harvesting system is dramatically reducing water consumption within the building. Commercial rainwater harvesting is reliant on storm water being collected from the roof area. From here, storm water is channelled into a main rainwater storage tank. The main storage tank of a rainwater harvesting system is usually located out of sight underground or above ground in a back of house area.

Building users will notice little visual difference between flushing with rainwater and flushing with mains water. The nature of rainwater means that when it lands on a roof area it is clean, clear, and perfect for providing a sustainable water supply. Relying on a rainwater harvesting system to produce a sustainable water supply has massive environmental benefits and could count towards between 50-60% of the total water consumption in the building.

 rainwater harvesting monitoring system showing water savings

What is a Rainwater Harvesting Monitoring System? 

The Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting Monitoring System is a visual display which presents real-time water and carbon saving data from the rainwater harvesting system in a visually appealing way. The display unit is designed to deliver a big impact to building users by highlighting the excellent water efficiency credentials of your organisation. The display unit is ideal for installation in a high footfall area of the building, such as a welcome area, central hub or in staff welfare areas. The display can be fully customised by our design team to incorporate your branding and logo.

The Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting Monitoring System communicates with the rainwater harvesting control panel to extract the latest savings information from both of the rainwater and mains water meters. The system operates through a simple ‘plug and play’ installation via a single ethernet and HDMI display cable from the rainwater harvesting control panel to the display unit.

 rainwater harvesting monitoring system being installed on a wall

The benefits of System Monitoring

Education – Ideal for schools, colleges, and universities. The Rainwater Harvesting Monitoring System is a powerful educational tool which can be used to educate students on the importance of water efficiency.

Environmental Credentials – The system offers the opportunity to showcase the positive actions taken towards reducing the environmental impact of your organisation.

Awareness – Awareness of rainwater harvesting systems amongst the public is low as most of the rainwater harvesting equipment is situated in non-accessible plant rooms. You will be contributing to increased public awareness of a great sustainable technology.

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