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29 Sep 2021

Stormsaver showcases rainwater harvesting systems at construction sustainability event

Morgan Sindall’s ‘Meeting the Challenge’ event was centred around current issues facing the wider construction industry, particularly with regards to the future sustainability of construction. Climate change, potential skills shortages and delivering value for society were just some of the hot topics discussed at this year’s event. The event was also an opportunity for Morgan Sindall colleagues to develop their personal knowledge on product innovation within their supply chain family, meaning they can remain competitive within the construction marketplace.

Our robust relationship with Morgan Sindall Group, as well as their enthusiasm for future sustainability within the construction industry meant we could offer our expert knowledge on all thing’s rainwater harvesting and attenuation systems. We engaged with many members of the Morgan Sindall team who had an active interest in the potential to reduce carbon output with a rainwater harvesting solution. Stormsaver were also able to offer a hands-on demonstration with our StormStation rainwater harvesting system in the external plant exhibition, which helped demonstrate how the self-contained system could help save water during the construction period and post-commissioning.










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Quick Quote

“Stormsaver has helped us to upgrade the existing rainwater harvesting system. We desperately needed support and within one month they had attended site, carried out a survey, manufactured the new control panel, and installed and commissioned the system. Together the team at Stormsaver responded quickly, understood our requirements, and worked to ensure that we had the best solution. Their knowledge and expertise have resulted in us now having a fully functional, efficient rainwater harvesting system and we would highly recommend that other clients who need their existing rainwater system upgrading, contact Stormsaver for support.”

Facilities and SHE Manager - Further Education College