News of the highest price increase in 20 years has just made headlines across the UK. The whopping 7.5% increase in water bills is a result of higher energy costs for water suppliers. But it does not have to be all doom and gloom! Stormsaver have the solution to help keep your facility’s water bills down even as the cost-of-living crisis bites. Our Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling Systems are ready and waiting to help your building reduce reliance on costly mains water supplies.

Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting, and Greywater Recycling solutions can provide your building with a sustainable water supply for non-potable usage. Systems can supply toilets, urinals, irrigation systems, vehicle washing plants and many other commercial processes… all saving your facility money over many years!

There is a whole host of other benefits too! Not only can water reuse systems save you water and money, but systems can reduce localised flood risk, contribute towards your sustainable goals, and reduce pressure on ageing water infrastructure. Rainwater Harvesting is even proven to significantly reduce carbon emissions when compared to mains water supplies!

 rainwater harvesting system in commercial building

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Instead of entering the traditional drainage network, rainwater harvesting systems divert rainwater runoff from the roof area buildings for non-potable reuse. Stormsaver systems safely store captured rainwater until a demand for water is detected. In periods of low rainfall, an automatic top up system activates to ensure you are never left without a supply.

What is Greywater Recycling?

Greywater Recycling is the process of reclaiming water runoff from showers, hand wash basins and bathtubs to provide a sustainable water supply just like Rainwater Harvesting. Stormsaver systems take advantage of a range of filtration technologies to give you complete peace of mind over the safety of your facility. Greywater Recycling Systems are ideal for hotels, student accommodation blocks, offices and many other commercial buildings.

Can I retrofit?

Rainwater harvesting systems can be easily retrofitted to an existing building with our dedicated retrofit solutions. Learn more here. Greywater Recycling Systems are more challenging to retrofit, but it is still possible with the right solution! Just give us a call.

If you have any questions, our team are on hand to help. Just get in touch here.

Written by Matt
Water Reuse Specialist

My role as a Water Reuse Specialist means I get to keep up to date with all things water conservation. My favourite water saving tip is to turn taps off when brushing your teeth! I think rainwater harvesting and the water reuse industry is exciting, and I love sharing updates with our customers. View Matt’s Stormsaver profile here.

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