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Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We have a few Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Systems available; our Monsoon Eco Rainwater Harvesting System is designed for a number of indoor uses, from toilet flushing to washing machines. We also have a Monsoon Garden Watering system specifically designed for garden use. Take a look at these in more detail below. 

Monsoon Eco System

Monsoon Eco System

The Monsoon Eco is designed to save more energy with low consumption. The Eco range is suitable for a wide range of homes and can be used for toilet flushing, washing machines and garden watering.

Monsoon Garden Watering

Monsoon Garden Watering

The Monsoon Garden watering system from Stormsaver, is the ideal solution if you want to go further than a standard water butt, but not as far as connecting up your house to the rainwater harvesting tank.

Get an idea of how much a rainwater harvesting system will cost your business or home

Quick Quote

“Stormsaver has helped us to upgrade the existing rainwater harvesting system. We desperately needed support and within one month they had attended site, carried out a survey, manufactured the new control panel, and installed and commissioned the system. Together the team at Stormsaver responded quickly, understood our requirements, and worked to ensure that we had the best solution. Their knowledge and expertise have resulted in us now having a fully functional, efficient rainwater harvesting system and we would highly recommend that other clients who need their existing rainwater system upgrading, contact Stormsaver for support.”

Facilities and SHE Manager - Further Education College

“What an absolute credit to our team your engineer was. I was most impressed with the way he worked and couldn’t have asked for a better or more helpful commissioning engineer. I will certainly be recommending Stormsaver to my colleagues” 

Site Manager - Dyer and Butler

"We have been using Stormsaver systems for the last 5-6 years on all our commercial projects and it is always a pleasure to work with them, very professional, always helpful, and deliver their promises every time. Big thank you to all members of the Stormsaver team.

Excellent Job!!!"

Testimonial - Mechanical and Engineering Contractor