Water Reuse Products

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater falls abundantly on every roof space throughout the UK. Take advantage of this clean, clear, and sustainable resource by recycling it for a non-potable water supply. 

Many buildings are already using Rainwater Harvesting to improve sustainability credentials. Do not miss out. 

Our intelligent, UK manufactured solutions have been at the forefront of the Water Reuse industry for decades. Learn more here.  

Greywater Recycling

Often confused with rainwater, greywater is the collection of wastewater from bathroom outlets. 

Many building types have a continuous supply of waste greywater which is sent straight to the drain. This resource can reused with ease through a greywater recycling system. 

Stormsaver provides Greywater Recycling solutions which provide your building with a highly safe supply of recycled greywater. Learn more here. 

Active Attenuation

Active Attenuation is the combination of rainwater harvesting and on-site attenuation. 

Combining these technologies has many benefits including, reduced water consumption, lessened stormwater discharge rates, and improved sustainability credentials. 

Stormsaver provides these vital water-saving solutions in a range of formats. Learn more here. 


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