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 A diagram of a greywater recycling system in an office building

Commercial & Non Household Solutions

Greywater Recycling is ideal for providing a high-capacity sustainable water supply for commercial buildings. The below building types are ideal for Greywater Recycling...

  • Offices 
  • Leisure centres
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Hotels 
  • High-rise buildings


 A diagram of a greywater recycling system in an apartment building

Communal & Residential Solutions

Greywater Recycling can be used as a communal solution in residential properties. The following property types are ideal for a Communal Greywater Recycling System... 

  • Apartments 
  • Student accommodation 
  • Hotels



Information Guide for Greywater Recycling

Greywater Recycling is the collection and reuse of bathroom wastewater including bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs to provide a non-potable water supply.

Can the greywater tank be a sectional design? Yes! Typically, Greywater Recycling Systems are supplied with multiple single-piece tanks. We understand that space and access restrictions mean single-piece tanks are not always the best solution.

Sectional greywater tanks can be supplied for projects with access restrictions. Sectional tanks are formed of pre-manufactured panels which are later assembled on-site during the construction process.


What size variations are greywater tanks supplied in? Tank sizes are based on several factors including collection potential, daily treatment requirements, and demand.

Stormsaver Systems can deliver between 600-48,600 litres of treated greywater per day. Where greater volumes are required, multiple systems can be used. Alternatively, a Combined System with Rainwater Harvesting will be possible.


Can I replace the clean water tank with a header tank?

Yes! Greywater Recycling Systems utilise two sets of tanks including a treatment tank and a clean water tank.

For projects where space is limited, a separate header tank in an alternative location is possible. Additional pumping requirements between the tanks will be required for distances greater than 5 metres.

Stormsaver Greywater Recycling Systems can be supplied with or without chemical dosing.

Chemical dosing is always recommended for the best results.

Chemical dosing cleans associated pipework via a small amount of chlorination and citric acid. Without chemical cleaning, associated pipework is vulnerable to a build-up of biofilm which, if left untreated, can lead to blockages and failures.

Systems without chemical cleaning may require this process to be completed manually as any system treating greywater is vulnerable to a build-up of biological matter.

Yes! There are many benefits to combining the technologies. Greywater can be mixed with rainwater through a Combined System.

Combined Systems incorporate Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling technologies in one intelligent system.

Rainwater and greywater will be filtered through their respective filtration devices and supplied into a central header tank complete with a mains water backup. These systems should be specified in collaboration with a Stormsaver specialist.

Greywater Recycling Systems require regular inspection by a professional.

It is recommended that systems receive a bi-annual service to complete functional testing and clean any associated filters. Preliminary filtration and membrane filtration devices are crucial to efficient system operation. Without regular attention, these components can become less effective.

Stormsaver provides specialist maintenance services for these systems. Find out more here.

Heat recovery is another benefit of Greywater Recycling.

With today’s construction standards, modern buildings are typically well-insulated. Yet, a significant amount of heat escapes through the disposal of warm wastewater. Bathroom greywater accounts for a considerable portion of this runoff, presenting the ideal opportunity for heat recovery.

Greywater enters our biological treatment tank at around 33 degrees, but only 15 degrees is required for the biodegradation process to occur. Specifiers can take advantage of this prime opportunity by incorporating heat recovery into the wider heating system within the building.**

**Heat recovery system not supplied by Stormsaver. 

 An illustrative image showing a greywater recycling filter

Our Added Value Options

Looking for UV disinfection or installation services on your new greywater system? Our added value options give you access to best-practice approaches. Learn more here. 

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