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The integrity of the recycled rainwater supply is really important to us here at Stormsaver. We want your system to be as reliable as possible. Good reliability is important to protecting your building from rainwater supply failures, potentially resulting in no flushing toilets. As a proud UK manufacturer, we are fortunate that our design team can continually adjust our systems to make them even better, based on information we receive from our maintenance engineers out on the road.

    a self-contained rainwater harvesting system for a commercial building

UV Re-circulation

We have added UV re-circulation to all our StormStation units as standard.

We have made this change to offer greater protection. UV re-circulation ensures that stored rainwater is regularly passed through an energy-efficient UV disinfection system, eliminating any harmful bacteria for building users.

Every 24 hours our UV disinfection unit and re-circulation pump will power up to draw rainwater from the bottom of the tank, treat the rainwater to eliminate the risk of illness, and replenish the rainwater in the top of the tank. This allows for 1,800 litres of rainwater to be treated per day.

This is really important. Above-ground stored bodies of water are more susceptible to legionella development when compared to below-ground variants. This is because they are often exposed to direct sunlight and higher temperatures – great for legionella!  

          a self-contained rainwater harvesting system supplying a recycled supply of rainwater for toilet flushing



StormStation Carbon Neutral

  • Offers our largest storage capacity (3,000-20,000 litres), allowing more valuable rainwater to be reused.
  • Can be supplied with added-value solar panels, reducing running costs.
  • Provides a carbon-neutral supply of rainwater with a 4-5 year carbon payback period, contributing to net zero goals.
  • A weatherproof unit, ideal for external locations with no internal plant space requirements, making the unit ideal for retrofit.
  • Provides a filtered supply of recycled rainwater for between 4 and 70 toilets.
  • Ideal for new build, retrofit, or temporary use.
     a small rainwater harvesting system in a commercial building filtering rainwater for toilet flushing



StormStation Mini – NEW

  • Our all-new unit!
  • Compact unit containing a 700-litre storage tank.
  • Provides a filtered supply of recycled rainwater for between 2 and 20 toilets.
  • Multiple units can be located around the building to serve local outlets, providing a full retrofit solution for existing buildings with complex drainage infrastructure.
  • Internally located within a plant room.
  • Ideal for convenience stores, small schools, and retrofits.
  • Mains water backup for periods of low rainfall.

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