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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need


Stormharvester logoStormsaver and Stormharvester have been working in partnership since the end of 2017, having agreed an exclusive partnership agreement in the UK.

Stormharvester, based in Northern Ireland, have spent many years developing a solution which could be used to combine rainwater harvesting and attenuation, in conjunction with the Queens University in Belfast. With impressive statistics and intelligent weather monitoring technology, Stormsaver quickly identified that that they were the ideal partner for our work in the UK.

The partnership officially launched their Active Attenuation solution in May 2018, however, uptake in specifications has already soared as consultants eagerly want to find out more about our innovation, which they have been waiting for, for years.

Stormharvester have a passionate and committed team with the same business ethos of reliability, honesty and hard work as our team at Stormsaver, which makes them the ideal partner for our new Active Attenuation venture. 

"There are many companies claiming they are experts in rainwater harvesting. After searching the market place we would only endorse Stormsaver, for their detailed expertise, knowledge, and high integrity. To me, this speaks volumes.  As the market expands, and the interest in rain water harvesting increases I expect Stormsaver to lead the way."

Graham Mann - Director, The Alternative Water Company

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems