Rainwater Recycled
Rainwater Recycled
6,000,000 litres
Carbon Saved
Carbon Saved
1,710 KgCO2e

Project Information

Tank Size
30,000 Litres
Roof Area
1,885 m2
Local Annual Rainfall
751 mm
220 toilets
 Rainwater harvesting diagram showing an above ground tank with controls next to a building

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems are designed to provide a sustainable, non-potable water supply to multiple points of use. Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems are an ideal water reuse solution for buildings with a high occupancy and a large roof area, including hospitals, schools, universities, offices, student accommodation and many other building types. Learn more here. 

 rainwater harvesting for housing developments

Community Rainwater Harvesting Systems collect and reuse reclaimed rainwater from multiple homes within a housing development. Reclaimed rainwater can provide a sustainable water supply to toilets, washing machines, and garden taps. Community Rainwater Harvesting collects from multiple roof areas and is channelled into a central water storage tank which also counts towards mandatory on-site attenuation capacity. Find out more about how Community Rainwater Harvesting Systems work here.

 A rainwater harvesting diagram. water being collected into a central tank and feeding recycled water in the building.

Retrofit Rainwater Harvesting Systems to are designed to improve water efficiency within existing buildings. There is a common misconception that retrofitting a rainwater harvesting system within an existing building is too complex and costly, yet this is not always the case. Find out more here.

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