SuDS Solutions for Residential Development

We were approached by the client who had a need to satisfy mandatory planning requirements in their development to reduce localized flood risk. Together with our partners at StormHarvester, we were able to provide our active attenuation SuDS solution which uses Met Office data to calculate necessary storage requirements should heavy rainfall occur. Using this solution would provide them with a return on their investment and future water savings.

In this case, a combined storage capacity of 382,000L was installed to meet a large surface water demand in the 403 unit-residential development. Our specialist estimating team specified a crate storage solution as there was an abundance of space for a large capacity storage. Together with StormHarvester’s specialist monitoring unit, Stormsaver designed the SuDS solution to save £5831 per annum off mains water bills, whilst saving 2440 cubic meters of water.

Active attenuation facilitates the storage of rainwater in a safe, controlled way when additional storage capacity is not needed for flood prevention. This way, our client can utilise recycled rainwater, collected from the roof area, for non- potable use across the eco-friendly living roof system.

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