Water Neutrality and Rainwater Harvesting

Water neutrality and rainwater harvesting Looking to achieve water neutrality on your new or existing project? Water neutral developments are increasingly being considered as a necessity due to rising mains water consumption levels. With areas of the Southeast being described as ‘seriously water stressed’ by the Environment Agency, we must act now to prevent drinking water scarcity in the future.

Stormsaver’s team of experts can provide you with a bespoke rainwater harvesting solution to help you recycle water and achieve water neutral status. We have years of experience working with clients who have a need to make their site’s water neutral.

Unsure what water neutrality means for you? Read our handy guide here.


How can rainwater harvesting help?

The process of recycling rainwater is simple! Using tried and tested technology, rainwater is collected from the roof area and stored in a tank. When a supply is needed, a smart control panel will ensure there is always a water supply, even in dry spells. The recycled rainwater can be used to provide an alternative water supply to non-potable applications such as toilets, irrigation, and vehicle washing facilities. 

As well as achieving water neutrality, you are also helping to…

Rainwater harvesting portable unit Save water, money and the environment

By decreasing reliance on mains water supplies, you can help to lower your mains water bill, all whilst conserving drinking water supplies for consumption and sanitary purposes!

Reduce your carbon emissions

Rainwater harvesting technologies are proven to be less carbon intensive than traditional mains water supplies. So you can get two for the price of 1… reduced carbon and water!

Support local communities

By installing a decentralised water recycling system in your building, you are helping to reduce localised flood risk and decrease pressure on existing drainage infrastructure.


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