Water Neutrality and Carbon

Carbon and water neutrality Considering implementing water neutrality on your development? Water neutrality is going to become even more important in the coming years as our global consumption of water increases dramatically. As much as 3.4 billion litres of water extra will be needed per year by 2050 according to the UK Environment Agency. So, we need to act now to install sustainable water supplies to our homes and commercial properties.

But, did you know as well as saving water on a water neutral site, you can reduce carbon emissions too! By installing rainwater harvesting, you are decreasing reliance on traditional mains water supplies which are proven to be more carbon intensive than rainwater harvesting technologies.



Save carbon today to protect tomorrow…

Exclusive research carried out by Stormsaver and WaterWise has proven rainwater recycling to better for our environment than mains water. For every litre of rainwater used on your water neutral site, you are helping to save 0.285 KG CO2e. So, why not opt for rainwater harvesting on your water neutral development?

1 system, a whole host of benefits

Stormsaver can help you to reap the rewards of water neutrality with our market leading rainwater harvesting technologies

Support the local community

By installing an onsite water recycling system, you are helping to reduce pressure on local water infrastructure and reduce stormwater run off all at the same time!

Save water, money, and the environment

We can assist you to reduce your mains water consumption which allows you to reduce your water consumption bill. After all, rainwater is FREE!

Show off your sustainability approach

By choosing onsite water recycling you are helping to improve your sustainability credentials and protect your building against future water challenges.

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