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Stormsaver Blog

24 May 2016

WaterAid invite Stormsaver to join Team Mozambique

WaterAid Mission to MozambiqueStormsaver Director, Lisa Farnsworth, has been invited to be a part of WaterAid's Team Mozambique... and she couldn't be more delighted!

07 Apr 2016

New Video demonstration

Commercial rainwater harvesting videoSo, today we launched our new video demonstration on our your tube channel. It's taken some work I can tell you! This particular video is aimed at being a brief, 2 minutes, introduction to how the commercial rainwater harvesting system works. It is very basic but gives a clear idea of what component parts are included.

You can watch the video here

We will be doing a series of videos which go into the different parts of the system in depth so keep an eye out on our your tube channel here

01 Apr 2016

Great first quarter for Stormsaver

rainwater harvesting umbrella commercialWow! What an incredible 3 months we've had.

The market for commercial rainwater harvesting systems has never been better and we have certainly seen a huge growth in orders, particularly in March.

With so much positivity around rainwater recycling in the new build sector, and consultations bouncing about putting rainwater harvesting at the top of the water strategies, we can see that 2016 is going to be a busy year!

Well done to all the team at Stormsaver who are working tirelessly to make sure our customers are happy and being taken care of.

29 Mar 2016