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Stormsaver Blog

22 Apr 2021

Surface Water Management Solutions

Surface Water ManagementSurface Water Management Solutions using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are a natural approach to managing drainage in and around properties and other developments. Active attenuation can complement any SuDS scheme, and when used as part of a wider water management strategy, can provide future-proofed developments for the next generations.

21 Apr 2021

Droughts and Floods

The UK is going to be impacted by serious droughts and floods within the next 30 years. There is a 1 in 4 chance of a severe drought between now and 2050. 1 in 6 properties in England are at risk of flooding, and since 2013 we have seen 85,000 new homes built within areas of high flood risk.

20 Apr 2021

Carbon - What's the problem

6% of the UK’s total carbon emissions are associated with water use. There are serious implications regarding climate change if we do not all start to do our bit. Many solutions like rainwater harvesting can help to reduce our carbon footprint...

20 Apr 2021

Water - What's the problem

A blog to discuss the "existential threat" we face as a result of climate change and our rising population. By 2050 it is predicted that there will no longer be enough water to supply demand. We need to reduce our mains water consumption and start acting now!