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25 Oct 2016

WaterAid Team Mozambique - Video blog links

WaterAid Mozambique StormsaverSo, the internet connection in Mozambique was very intermittent. I posted some of my video blogs whilst I was away but not all of them so please follow the links listed on this page to the correct videos on our You Tube Channel.

I hope that these videos give you a true reflection of the experiences I had, the people I met, and the incredible difference that the work of WaterAid is making. I know there are a lot, but settle yourself down with a cuppa and find out more about the progress WaterAid is doing in Mozambique.

Video Diary 1 - Me and my visit to Mozambique   Play Video

Video Diary 2 - Preparing for my vaccinations      Play Video

Video Diary 3 - My trip to Mozambique and rainwater harvesting     Play Video

Video Diary 4 - My SheeWee and Me!    Play Video

Video Diary 5 - WaterAid Supporters Day meeting Team Mozambique Play Video

Video Diary 6 - My daughters views on the trip to Mozambique  Play Video

Video Diary 7 - Inspiration from the CEO of Tesco   Play Video

Video Diary 8 - Day 1 Arriving at Heathrow   Play Video

Video Diary 9 - Day 1 Arriving at Maputo, Mozambique   Play Video

Video Diary 10 - Day 2 Preparing for the first visits   Play Video

Video Diary 11 - Day 2 Visiting the peri-urban communities    Play Video

Video Diary 12 - Day 2 Latrines in the peri-urban communities   Play Video

Video Diary 13 - Day 2 Learning the importance of hygiene at school   Play Video

Video Diary 14 - Day 2 School visit, post WaterAid intervention  Play Video

Video Diary 15 - Day 3 Hospital and medical centre visit   Play Video

Video Diary 16 - Day 3 School visit, mid WaterAid intervention  Play Video

Video Diary 17 - Day 3 School visit, mid WaterAid intervention  Play Video

Video Diary 18 - Day 3 reflections   Play Video

Video Diary 19 - Day 4 A Day in the Life - rainwater harvesting in rural communities   Play Video

Video Diary 20 - Day 5 Installing the first WaterAid funded latrines in a rural community  Play Video

Video Diary 21 - Day 6 Final reflections on the visit to Mozambique   Play Video





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