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13 Oct 2016

WaterAid Team Mozambique - Video blog 6

Lisa Farnsworth WaterAidSo I thought it would be interesting to find out what my 11 year old daughter, Lucy, thought about my trip to Mozambique. She is quite a deep thinker and has been very interested in what I will be doing with WaterAid. We also support a child called Odator in Zambia through ActionAid and Lucy often writes to her and so she is very excited that I will be going to meet children who suffer the same struggles as Odator has.

4000 children a year die in Mozambique of preventable diahorreal diseases. Personally I found this to be a shocking statistic and I think that during my trip, it will be the plight of the children who affect me the most.... but who knows. I have a feeling this experience will be one I cannot prepare for, will be utterly different from my expectations and I will return having seen things which will ignite a passion in me to do more to make a change.

Play video 


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