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10 Oct 2016

WaterAid Team Mozambique - Video Blog 5

WaterAid Team MozambiqueSo on Friday 7th October I attended my first WaterAid Supporters Day. What an inspirational day. We heard from supporters who had visited countries where WaterAid is working to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene to everyone and I finally got to meet the rest of Team Mozambique! What a fantastic bunch of people.



WaterAid AftershockOne of the things which had most impact on me during the day was a short movie made by WaterAid called AfterShock. It follows the struggles of Krishna, who is the only plumber in his remote mountain village in Nepal, and his determination to get the water back on, following the devastation caused by the earthquakes in 2015. Get yourself a free 3D virutal reality headset (online) and download the app to view the film on your mobile phone, using the headset. Its an indescribable experience. 

This time next week... I won't need a headset. I will be seeing all this for real.

Play video



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