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24 May 2016

WaterAid invite Stormsaver to join Team Mozambique

WaterAid Mission to MozambiqueStormsaver Director, Lisa Farnsworth, has been invited to be a part of WaterAid's Team Mozambique... and she couldn't be more delighted!

Earlier in the year, Michael Farnsworth and Gary Scullion, also Directors, raised over £8500 for WaterAid by trekking Mount Kilimanjaro over 8 days. The fundraising effort was incredible with support from suppliers and clients who dug deep to donate extremely generous amounts to the cause.

Lisa will be joining a team of 10 volunteers from a number of Water Authorities and the Environment Agency for a 9 day visit to the region. They will be rolling up their sleeves and helping to dig wells and install life saving equipment to some of the poorest regions in the World.

WaterAid Stormsaver charity trip to Mozambique"I am absolutely thrilled", said Lisa. "It is one of my lifelong ambitions to have the chance to be a part of something like this. I want to make a real difference to people who need help, even if it is only for a short time. I still find it shocking that in our modern age, 13 million people in Mozambique still do not have access to safe water. I hope that the money we have raised and the time I spend on the mission, will help to change this for at least some people."

Lisa's visit takes place in October this year. Keep an eye out for more on our blog and to find out how she gets on.





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