The Global Water Summit 2022: We must act now

Do you know about The Global Water Summit 2022? The event is currently taking place in Madrid and is designed to encourage conversations about the future of our water supplies. Conversations around water financing, strategy, new technologies and innovation will take place so that industry leaders can consider their strategies going forward. One key area that the leaders will be talking about is water reuse, a technology which is becoming more widely used in new and existing buildings.

We’re going to be using this week’s blog to highlight the need for increased use of localised water recycling systems, including rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.

Why do we need water conservation?

According to research carried out by United Nations Water, nearly half of the global population are currently living in an area of potential water scarcity. This is only set to worsen, with an estimated 5.7 billion living in an area of water scarcity by 2050. You may think this problem is isolated to warmer countries which experience less rainfall. Think again! The UK Environment Agency predict that we will require an extra 3.4 billion litres a day by 2050!

Many people are also unaware of the link between mains water supplies and carbon emissions. Ensuring mains water supplies are safe for drinking is one of the most carbon intensive activities in the UK. The additional 3.4 billion litres of water needed to meet demand will result in 1200 tonnes of extra carbon emissions per day!

Localised water reuse systems

Reduce your onsite water consumption!

Rainwater harvesting

One of the ways we can help to reduce our reliance on mains water supplies and dramatically reduce carbon emissions is by installing a rainwater harvesting system on both commercial and residential developments. By supplying non potable outlets with a free, sustainable supply of recycled rainwater, it can help to reduce pressure on water infrastructure. Other benefits of rainwater harvesting include:

  • Save water, save money, save carbon!
  • Reduce impact on local community
  • Demonstrate your commitment to water conservation

Greywater Recycling

For buildings which have a small roof area and a high occupancy, greywater recycling technologies may be more appropriate. For example, hotels, apartments, office or other high-rise buildings. Greywater reuse systems harvest wastewater from showers and hand basins and process it for non-potable use. The water saving potential is huge! There are lots of other benefits:

  • Reduce mains water use
  • Save money off monthly water bills
  • Show off your passion for sustainability
  • Protect your building against supply challenges of the future

Payback of water reuse systems

Financing and cost are always an important consideration. One of the great things about both rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling is it reduce reliance on mains water supplies. This means your water bill will be less expensive than if you had not installed an onsite water reuse system. Of course, payback periods depend on the initial cost and operating costs of the system.

If your development is based in the Southeast you can also get reduced connection fees – find more info here!

We’re here to help you save water, money and carbon 

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