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17 Oct 2022

Introducing the Carbon Neutral StormStation

Today, we launch our newest product, the Carbon Neutral StormStation. This is a unique self-contained rainwater harvesting system which combines tanks, filters, pumps, and controls all in one unit, but with the added benefit of solar technology. We will deliver your “ready to install” Storm Station to your chosen position straight from the back of the delivery vehicle. Combination of these two technologies removes all the difficulty and headache for you so all you have to do is connect and go!

Stormsaver are committed to continued innovation by creating the first product on the market to help you reduce your carbon footprint even further by integrating rainwater harvesting with solar panel technology.

The new StormStation is a triple win for you.

  • Save water
  • Save Carbon
  • Save Money

The StormStation is an ideal solution for many commercial buildings. Designed to offer ‘plug and play’ installation, the system is ideal for new buildings and retrofitting to existing buildings such as service stations or can even be used temporarily as a portable solution for construction site offices.

The above ground unit not only eliminates the cost of expensive underground tanks but is a great marketing tool too which can be visible to your clients and team members and can be branded to suit your business.

Applications Rainwater Harvesting can be used for:

  • Toilet flushing
  • Laundry
  • Vehicle wash down
  • Site welfare facilities
  • Irrigation of plants
  • Urinal flushing
  • Commercial applications – industrial process and coolant water

Features and benefits of the Carbon neutral Stormstation:

  • Carbon neutral - meet your sustainable goals
  • Plug and play installation – simple for you
  • Reduce your running costs at a time when utilities are rising fast
  • Self-contained – everything in one place
  • Reuse on different sites again and again giving you fantastic return on investment
  • Claim BREEAM points and build better buildings!
  • Show your clients and colleagues how you are saving water and carbon

Why choose Stormsaver?

We have been established since 2003 and have been pioneering Rainwater Harvesting technology ever since. Our Rainwater Harvesting systems have been developed to offer the very best in terms of efficient collection and usage, designed to work with all types of households & commercial buildings.

Find out more about our StormStation here


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