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25 Mar 2022

Debunking the myths of rainwater harvesting

Do you have thoughts on rainwater harvesting? Or have you had a negative experience in the past? Well, we are here to help debunk some of the myths surrounding rainwater harvesting. As the market leaders, we are to ensure your rainwater harvesting journey is seamless, helping you to save water, money, and carbon on your development.

It’s not what people think…Rainwater harvesting unit

“Rainwater is dirty “

Wrong! Rainwater falls from the sky clean, having already had the best natural filtration process that Mother Nature can offer.

“You need chemicals to remove bacteria”

Not with rainwater; all that is needed is our simple two stage filtration. Where there is potential for water to be inhaled as a vapour, we have optional UV systems which remove bacteria and an additional auto-clean filter as a third stage of filtration.

“It’s not safe”

Rainwater harvesting is perfectly safe, supplying you with a clean, clear and free water supply for non-potable uses. Don’t believe us? Ask the 12,000 people out there who are already saving water with their rainwater harvesting systems. Read our case studies here.

“It’s just an expensive water butt”

Water butts are a fantastic way of saving water in the garden, but our rainwater harvesting systems are on the cutting edge of technology and can be used for so much more, potentially reducing your bills by 50-75%.

“It’s too much hassle”

With 19 years of experience being the market leaders, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Leave your rainwater harvesting worries to us.

“I don’t want the worry of maintaining it”

That’s what we are here for. Our team of trained engineers are experts in rainwater harvesting maintenance and tank cleaning. Let us take the responsibility of keeping your system working efficiently, netting you maximum savings.

Unlock the potential of rainwater harvesting

Our expert team are here to assist you whenever and wherever. Contact our team here.


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