Shared Success: How showcasing your Rainwater Harvesting System can impress

rainwater harvesting system sticker on toilet We have a problem! The truth is many people are unaware of water scarcity in the UK. In fact, 72% of the British Public think the UK is a water-rich nation according to The Great British Rain Paradox… and if we are going to boost our water conservation efforts, everyone needs to know about issues surrounding water supply (and steps we can take to reduce water usage)! 

If you have a rainwater harvesting system in your building, then you have already begun to demonstrate your commitment saving our water! Feel good, doesn’t it? But are you making your building users aware of your water saving successes?

The nature of rainwater harvesting systems means they often work ‘behind the scenes’ in a plant room to give a constant supply of free, sustainable rainwater to your non-potable outlets. Not only is recycled rainwater clean, clear and safe, but relying on rainwater protects drinking water supplies for when we need it most during warmer, drier months. Rainwater is also proven to be much less carbon intensive than using traditional mains water… so it’s 2 for the price of 1!

Here are just some of the reasons to highlight your rainwater harvesting system…

  • Your rainwater harvesting system is a free marketing tool showcasing your company’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Your customers and team can experience the feel-good-factor by saving water one flush at a time!
  • Educate building users on why we need water conservation.

How can I share that we are using rainwater?

It’s simpler than you think! Our all-new ‘you’ve just flushed with rainwater’ are designed with your building users in mind. A simple, yet effective sticker placed near your toilet is guaranteed to spread awareness of your system one loo trip at a time! Purchasing our new stickers will automatically give you access to our ‘loo news’ poster which gives information on steps everyone can take to boost water conservation in daily life. Check out our full range of designs using the downloadable PDF below.


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Written by Matt
Water Reuse Specialist

My role as a Water Reuse Specialist means I get to keep up to date with all things water conservation. My favourite water saving tip is to turn taps off when brushing your teeth! I think rainwater harvesting and the water reuse industry is exciting, and I love sharing updates with our customers. View Matt’s Stormsaver profile here.

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