12 month system warranty
12 month system warranty

All Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting System come with a 12-month warranty. 

 domestic rainwater harvesting system

Stormsaver's Solution

Stormsaver’s Residential Rainwater Harvesting System is one, centralised water reuse system which collects, processes and reuses reclaimed rainwater across the whole housing development. Your homeowners can be rest assured that their supply of non-potable water is both safe and sustainable with our unique filtration technologies.

Stormsaver’s centralised rainwater harvesting system is a more effective solution than installing multiple individual systems which helps to speed up water conservation efforts in your new community. Some of the benefits of a centralised system include;

  • Reduce construction lead times by eliminating individual installations.
  • Safer and more effective long-term maintenance. 
  • Larger storage water capacity.
  • Centralised monitoring of water, carbon, and financial savings.
  • Remove the hassle from individual homeowners.
  • Add value to your development by offering a truly sustainable service.
  • Pass the financial savings of Rainwater Harvesting back to your community.
  • Additional UV filtration which would not fit into an individual package.  
  • Enhanced planning applications.

Rainwater is collected from the roof areas of individual houses and channelled into roof drainage points. Instead of entering the traditional drainage network, reclaimed rainwater is then transported via a separate network of pipes to a main storage tank.

Prior to entering the main storage tank, leaves and larger debris are separated from the reclaimed water via a pre-tank mesh filter. Reclaimed rainwater then enters the tank through an inlet calmer to ensure fine sediment settles on the base of the tank.

When a supply of reclaimed water is called for by our smart control panel, reclaimed rainwater is collected from the cleanest part of the tank via a suction filter. This acts as the second filtration stage and removes any finer debris from the rainwater. Finally, a UV filter removes any remaining bacteria to be boosted to usage points within individual homes with a booster pump set.

Learn more about how rainwater harvesting works with our handy guide here.

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