12-month warranty
12-month warranty

Stormsaver Active Attenuation comes with 12-months warranty. 

 Stormwater attenuation

Stormsaver’s Solution

Our centralised residential system is the ideal solution for new housing developments. By separating the stormwater attenuation capacity into two tanks, you can benefit from our unique whether prediction software to ensure the site is ready to provide 100% storage capacity in the event of an incoming storm. Our team of experts will help to provide the most efficient system for your bespoke requirements.

This process can happen all whilst reducing water consumption across the housing development with rainwater harvesting. Your homeowners will benefit from a safe, clean and sustainable water supply for non-potable use which reduces carbon emissions, saves water, and reduces their water bills… all whilst boosting the value of your development.

Some of the other benefits of the centralised system includes;

  • One system, one maintenance plan.
  • Give back to the community by not adding additional pressure to local water infrastructure
  • Centralised monitoring of water savings, carbon savings, system status and financial savings.
  • Pass the financial savings back to your customers.
  • Add value on your development.
  • Leave a long-term legacy to your community.
  • Impress local planning authorities.

Our combined rainwater harvesting and attenuation system works similar to our other rainwater harvesting systems.

Rainwater runoff is collected from the roof area of each home within the development. Rainwater is then channelled through roof drainage points and into a separate network of pipes. The separation of pipework prevents the reclaimed rainwater from entering the traditional drainage system.

Reclaimed rainwater is then transported to a main rainwater storage tank which is sized according to your bespoke site requirements. Prior to entry, the reclaimed rainwater is filtered through a pre-tank mesh filter arrangement. This filter helps to prevent large debris and leaves from entering the storage tank.

An inlet calmer prevents fine sediment on the base of the tank from being disturbed. When a demand for non-potable water is detected by the advanced control panel, the rainwater is then channelled through a floating suction filter. Not only is this designed to extract water from the cleanest part of the tank, but it also prevents finer particles from reaching usage points.

Reclaimed rainwater can then be distributed to non-potable usage points via a booster set.

A separate tank arrangement acts as the stormwater attenuation tank and collects water runoff from other surfaces. Whilst these two tanks are connected, reclaimed water is not mixed due to stormwater run off containing much more contaminants than rainwater which is collected from roofs.

When the Stormsaver Active Attenuation System detects an incoming storm, the control panel ensures 100% of attenuation capacity (using both tanks) is available to collect all stormwater runoff.

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