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Why maintain your rainwater harvesting system?

Why maintain your rainwater harvesting system

Dirty discoloured water, odour, sediment in the system, bacteria such as legionella, inefficient or damaged pumps, damaged filters and inaccurate gauge reading are all some of the things that can affect  your rainwater harvesting system if it hasn’t been regularly maintained.

It may even be that the rainwater recycling system is not even operational - Therefore it is no longer saving you money from your water bills!

Our Rainmaintain team at Stormsaver can look after your rainwater system to ensure that you continue to make efficient long term water savings. Saving you time, money and helping you to do your bit to help protect the environment.

For more information on the service contracts available, please speak to our team on 01636 815254.


Maintenance - Rainwater Pump From Rainwater Harvesting System

It is crucial to maintain the rainwater booster set. Without the rainwater pump, you could get caught short with no water for flushing toilets! 

Maintenance - Non Return Valve Compliant to BS8515 - 2009

Non Return valve compliant to BS EN 16941-1:2018 to prevent contamination to the rainwater tank. Without it, dirty or even foul water could flow back into the water storage system.

Maintenance - Pipework From Rainwater Harvesting System

It is important that pipework is in good working order and meets the requirements set out in the WRAS rainwater guidance notes. Even a small leak can waste water and energy!

Maintenance - Backwashing Filters to Maintain Rainwater Quality

Cleaning the backwashing filters maintains rainwater quality. Some systems have other mesh filters which are important to maintain.

Maintenance - Rainwater Level Sensors

Important checks and calibration of rainwater level sensors make sure that the system makes the most from your rainwater savings.

Maintenance - Water Level Indicator From Rainwater Harvesting Sytem

Calibrating the water level indicator so you can see how much water is in the rainwater storage tank.

Maintenance - Floating Suction Filter

The floating suction filter after cleaning ensures that clean rainwater is pumped to the tanks direct points of use.

Maintenance - Pre-Tank Filter Checks - Stormsaver

Checking a pre-tank filter for debris and blockages. Once the mesh becomes blinded the rainwater system starts to lose efficiency and will use mainswater to supplement your supply!

Maintain Your Rainwater Harvesting System - Stormsaver

Maintaining the rainwater system is an important part of ensuring water quality

Maintenance - UV Disinfection Unit from a Rainwater Harvesting System

It is important to maintain the rainwater UV disinfection unit to achieve optimum sterilisation of the rainwater and maintain levels of water quality and prevent bacterial growth.

Maintenance - Rainwater Header Tank from a Rainwater Harvesting System

The rainwater header tank incorporates the category 5 mainswater top-up. It is vital to maintain the mainswater solenoid valve or you risk running out of the water!

Maintenance - Rainwater Meters from a Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater meters are a valuable method of recording your water savings, but poor installation can damage components and prevent the rainwater harvesting system from operating efficiently.

 As you can see above you really need to maintain your system, so see how we can help please contact us through the link below.

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