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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is an effective and eco friendly method of reducing water usage in your home, which will lead to reduced water bills. Making the switch to an eco friendly rainwater harvesting system is neither complicated or time consuming and will result in a wide range of benefits for your home.

Stormsaver’s rainwater harvesting systems are the perfect solution to introduce to your home to significantly increase the efficiency of your water usage. If you’re looking to improve your home’s usage of water, then look no further.

Get Started Today

Were confident that we can provide the right solution for you. For more information or to get a full quote, please contact us today on 0844 884 0015 or Alternatively, you can request a quote online.


Why Harvest Rainwater

Due to a range of factors which include increased infrastructure costs, unpredictable weather patterns and increased consumption across the country; water bills are rising and are likely to continue to do so for quite some time.

In addition to increased water costs, many homes are looking to become greener, more efficient and more self reliant and look towards these technologies as sound investments.

Rainwater harvesting is one of the quickest and easiest ways for a home to reduce water consumption and become more efficient.

By harvesting rainwater, you can cover up to 50% of a family’s typical household water usage - this translates into savings on bills whilst helping the environment.

Rainwater Harvesting Benefits

Reduce water consumption by up to 50% and save on bills
Harvested rainwater will collect and automatically be used for toilet flushing, laundry, garden watering, etc. The result will be up to 50% less usage and cheaper bills.

Reduced energy
Because our system uses a 90W suction pump, rather than an 800W submersible pump it is the lowest energy system on the market, costing no more than £2 per year to run. Plus it can be connected to a solar panel, reducing running costs to nothing.

It runs on a DC power supply
Why is this so important? Well it means that the system can be connected to a battery back up so if your power should fail the control panel will still run ensuring a continuous water supply

WRAS Approved Mains water top up to the control panel, not the tank
This means that the mains water top up can be accessed if there is a problem. Also, if you can hear the mains water running constantly you know that you have a leak. With a mains water top up below ground the first you will know about it is a huge water bill!

Quick and easy to install and start collecting
Installation is neither difficult nor complex. Our tanks are designed for shallow depths, meaning no heavy equipment is required and setting up your system is quick and disturbance free.

Tailored to your specific requirements
Stormsaver’s rainwater harvesting systems are available in a range of sizes and options. This means our system will be specifically tailored for your household needs, ensuring you have the right system at the right cost.

Why Stormsaver

We have been established since 2003 and have been pioneering rainwater harvesting technology ever since. Our systems have been developed to offer the very best in terms of efficient collection and usage, designed to work with all types of property.

Our Monsoon systems are specifically designed for domestic properties. We’ve taken the best parts of our technology and designed compact and cost effective products to suit the home and ensure huge efficiency savings are achieved.

We understand that every property is different in their water needs. That’s why the Monsoon system comes in a range of configurations; designed exactly around your needs.

Our friendly team are experts in the field of rainwater harvesting and our customer care is exceptional (even if we are blowing our own trumpet a bit here!) All of us work together closely to ensure that you, our customer, is well looked after through the decision making and installation process.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home eco-friendly and more self reliant, then a Stormsaver rainwater harvesting system is perfect for you. 

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

As Easy As 1,2,3 ...

It doesnt matter what level of technical expertise you possess, installing Monsoon® from Stormsaver is simple and straight forward.

Property Developers
If youre a property developer or competent builder looking to add rainwater harvesting to your latest development, then our clear and easy to follow step by step installation manual will guide you through the process of connecting the Monsoon® system to your property.

Self-Builders & Individuals
People familiar and confident with plumbing should have no problems installing the Monsoon® system, but if you need any help or assistance or want to find an expert in your area who can install the rainwater harvesting system for you then simply contact us and well do our best to help.

With just one part to clean - the pre-tank filter - looking after your Monsoon® rainwater harvesting system is straight forward. Just slide out the pre-tank filter, clean off any algae or debris, replace the filter and youre done! It is always good practice to make sure your gullys and guttering are cleared of any blockages too.

Rainwater is channelled from the roof into the storage tank passing an integrated filter to remove large debris, leaves etc. Water then enters the tank via an inlet calmer preventing disturbance to fine sediment on the base of the tank. Tanks are shallow dig, so simple to install as a deep excavation is not required

Excess rainwater flows out of an overflow. The system is designed to skim the surface particles bi-annually keeping water quality high.

Inside the building, the control panel calls for rainwater on demand from the appliances. Rainwater is then sucked via our clever 90W suction pump, through the second floating filter in the tank, to the control panel. It is then distributed via pressure to the toilets, washing machine and outside taps.

More on our rainwater harvesting systems

All of the Stormsaver rainwater harvesting systems will make the most economic use of the local rainfall with predicted water consumption.

It is recommended that you speak to our expert staff to help you choose the correct type of system for your application and that you choose low water consuming products to complement the system, furthering a reduction in overall consumption.

All Stormsaver Monsoon systems come with a 12 month parts warranty.

Customer Care

We have truly lost count of the number of time people have come to Stormsaver because they simply cannot get anyone to pick up the telephone at other companies. As well as our product range being innovative and reliable and good value for money, our customer care is the foundation of everything we do.

  • We design our bespoke systems to suit you because that is what you asked us to do
  • We answer the telephone, always. And if the person you need to speak to is busy then we will call you back…. We promise!
  • If there is a problem we will help you to fix it. If you want extra support on site during installation we will be there for you.
  • We will never, ever sell you something that you do not need.
  • We are not just about making the sale. Our dedicated post sales will hold your hand through the installation and commissioning process to make sure you get deliveries when you need them

And if we still don’t meet your expectations after all this, then call Lisa, our Sales Director. Be it wonderful praise or constructive criticism, she is a great listener and will make sure that changes are made.