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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System Installation

Installation of your rainwater harvesting system

All clients benefit from a dedicated project co-ordinator, who provides tailored advice and guidance throughout the installation process. You will receive a comprehensive package of working drawings and an installation manual. The system components will be delivered to suit your schedule and everything will be pre-assembled and tested by Stormsaver before it arrives on site. All you have to do is provide interconnecting pipe work and cables.

During installation, it is critical to test the functionality of the system. Stormsaver will work closely with the ground workers during the tank installation and continue to assist the mechanical and electrical contractors as they put the final connections together prior to commissioning.We offer a free site visit for each project that we work on with you and this can be called off at any time to suit your programme.

Once the installation is complete our experienced engineers will come and commission the system for you. We provide a pre-commissioning check list to ensure that when we arrive there are no delays and everything runs smoothly.

Once you are up and running, our maintenance team will take over and ensure that, if you are a contractor, the system functions successfully throughout your liability period. If you are the end user then we will hopefully be looking after you for many years to come.

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