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Stormsaver Attenuation Tunnels

Stormsaver SUDS tunnelsStormsaver Tunnels are a new concept for the UK but one which we can guarantee you will see an increasing demand for.

There are many benefits for you in choosing the tunnel solution

  • They can be maintained and, unlike crates, will not silt up and therby reduce the storage capacity of the system.
  • They are easily stacked for storage and transportation, reducing the financial and environmental impacts of distribution.
  • They are cost comparible with the crates solutions and for every tunnel with a capacity of 1.6m3 you would need 5 x standard size crates
  • They are easier to install, light and simple to manouvere and have end caps which are moulded to clip in place as needed (other tunnels come as a complete moulded unit so need manually cutting to allow water to flow between them)
  • They can be installed with a flow control or pumping chamber as required
  • You need to surround them with pea gravel, which actually forms part of your infiltration capacity and therefore reduces the amount of units you need to purchase.

Download our data sheet to include in your specification, and do let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.

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