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Stormsaver Infiltration Tank and Rainwater Harvesting

Stormsaver infiltration and rainwater harvesting tankThe Stormsaver Combined Infiltration and Rainwater Harvesting tank, is a single piece, pre-fabricated GRP tank, which is delivered to site for simple and rapid installation. This system combines the effective infiltration method of attenuation and rainwater harvesting. Half the tank capacity is used for rainwater harvesting, and the second half is used to infiltrate excess stormwater at a controlled flow through a GeoTextile specific membrane, into the surrounding ground.

Inside the attenuation tank either one or two submersible pumps are supplied, controlled by a SMART system, which will pump filtered rainwater on demand to a range of appliances.

For more information on this solution please download the data sheet below.

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“We installed the Stormsaver domestic rainwater harvesting system 8 years ago. The savings on our mains water consumption have been amazing. We are a 4 person household, with 2 kids so lots of baths and clothes washing! We use around 56m3 of mains water a year the same as an average single person household without rainwater harvesting.  Our systems provides rainwater for toilets, laundry and irrigation and has reduced our water bill over £200 a year. I specialise in designing and building low energy housing and it is important that I not only research the best available products, but actual experience using them. The Stormsaver system has been simple to install and maintain with very good after market care, I will be using their product again.”

Charlie Luxton - Architect and TV Presenter

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