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Stormsaver Active Attenuation

Active Attenuation crates and rainwater harvestingThe Stormsaver Active Attenuation brings together Attenuation and Rainwater Harvesting thanks to Stormharvester weather prediction technology. The system counts towards 100% of attenuation volumes on site at the same time as harvesting and re-using rainwater for a range of applications.

View a video of how it works here

Flood prevention infrastructure, comprising tanks or crates, are now installed into all new commercial developments. These structures capture rainfall run-off and slowly release it at an allowed rate, to the storm drain system. Unbelievably they sit empty for over 95% of the time, waiting for rain.

By separating the attenuation structures into two separate tanks and installing our technology into the clean roof run-off, Stormsaver enables previously wasted storage capacity within these tanks to be used for rainwater harvesting in a way that has never been possible before. The storage can be provided using crates, tunnels or large single piece GRP tanks and our solution can use any of these.


So how does it work?

Active Attenuation tanks and rainwater harvesting

Half of the attenuation tanks take run-off from the carparks and act just as a regular attenuation tank draining down following heavy rainfall.

Working in partnership with the Stormharvester team, we combine our products with their technology which is linked directly to a highly accurate short to medium term Met Office Rain Prediction system.

When rainfall is predicted, Stormharvester's telemetry recognises the anticipated rainfall event. A control system lowers the water in the attenuation tank to a safe level, so that when the rain arrives all the necessary attenuation capacity is available within the tank.

The system has a built-in failsafe system so that there is no risk of flooding even in the unlikely event of a system failure.

Utilising mandatory flood protection infrastructure in this way the Stormsaver solution provides all new commercial buildings with a source of valuable re-cycled rainwater without the need for additional expensive infrastructure. The system reduces installation costs and reliance on mainswater supplies at the same time as maintaining necessary attenuation capacity.

Suddenly, your unused attenuation tank is working for you; creating revenue, reducing running costs and making you more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


The Benefits of Active Attenuation

  • Reduces Construction costs
  • Added value with payback on capital investment for Rainwater Harvesting
  • Less equipment required = better sustainability
  • Additional BREEAM points (3 points)
  • Reduces the foot print for sites with Rainwater Harvesting and Attenuation
  • Reduces discharge rates in storm events
  • Reduces demand on public water supply
  • Saves money on water bills
  • Assists with storm water and flood control.

For more information download our data sheet below, or contact our commercial sales team on 01636815254. Our team will be able to help you with your specification and sizing to ensure you have the correct solution for your site.

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