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23 Jul 2019

Work Experience Student's Marketing success

This week, Stormsaver have had the pleasure of welcoming Angelina, a Year 10 student at Southwell Minster School, for work experience.

During her time here Angelina has had a chance to learn about the business and our rainwater harvesting products, as well as spending time with our maintenance team. She assisted with sales and administrative duties (no, we didnt have her making tea!) and her time culminated in her penning her first ever article, which has been released today.

Angelina, who is working towards a GCSE in Business has been a delight to host and we wish her well in her exams next year. You can read Angelina's article below... let us know what you think!

Stormsaver Introductory Article by Angelina

Stormsaver are an environmental company that provide rainwater harvesting systems to many types of consumers for schools, offices and homes. These systems can be tailored to the client’s needs to ensure maximum water saving. The Stormsaver team has 22 experts, who are passionate about the products which can greatly help the water conservation effort.

The Company is well known for the charity work they have done to help those less fortunate and they have raised over £15000 for Water Aid and have brought awareness to the growing problem of water waste.

The Environment Agency has predicted severe water shortages, with “Day Zero” being 2050. This would have a catastrophic effect on all living life on earth who depend on that water to survive. Stormsaver creates a way for easy water conservation and better use of what we have. Rainwater harvesting is helpful as it allows for the rainwater to be filtered and reused within our homes, for toilets and other household appliances that do not need fresh drinking water. This means that less water is required from mains water sources for these appliances giving you a free and sustainable resource.

The work of Stormsaver has many benefits for their customers. For instance, an office building in Aberdeen that has been supplied with Stormsaver’s rainwater harvesting system, had an end result of a 99% saving of its mains water. They used 11,454 litres of rainwater compared to 44 litres of mains water which shows how beneficial these systems can be and the positive impact they could have if they were used every day.

Overall there is a clear sign that more can be done to prevent water shortages for future generations. It thanks to companies such as Stormsaver that we have a solution for these problems. The aim of Stormsaver is to ensure a clean, safe, sustainable water supply for everyone and this is something that together we are beginning to achieve with the help of their partners and employees who are passionate about the work they are doing.

"I would just like to say that your Commissioning Engineer, Andy Pink was a pleasure to work with at our site this week and extremely professional. Carlsberg don’t do Rainwater Engineers but if they did Andy Pink would be their Hero!"



Site Manager - WM Building Services (Leicester) Ltd

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