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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need
14 Mar 2018

Stormsaver launch the revolutionary StormStation

Stormsaver StormStation rainwater harvestingRetrofitting rainwater harvesting tanks to existing buildings has always proved a little complicated, but with Stormsaver's new innovations we now have a solution to your problem.

No need to excavate existing car parks or landscaping to install a tank underground; No need to create additional space for a control panel and filtration in your plant room.

StormStation rainwater harvesting 3000The StormStation houses everything you need in one unit. One piece of kit to offload, one piece of kit to connect up, simple and hassle free.

The StormStation can be used to provide water for toilet flushing, urinal flushing, wash down facilities and laundry, giving you a huge reduction in your running costs and expenditure on mains water. Most importantly though you will have a sustainable and environmentally friendly water supply, treating your own free rainwater on site.

Here at Stormsaver we can see infinite uses for the StormStation, which come in capacities ranging from 3,000L - 20,000L. The unit is ideal for:

  •  Construction sites, where toilet facilities are provided in portakabins...then take the StormStation with you to your next site!
  •  Fast food and service station areas in out of town locations
  •  Petrol Stations
  •  Existing commercial or educational buildings
  •  New build projects

StormStation rainwater harvestingFor more information about the StormStation or our extensive range of rainwater harvesting, attenuation and active attenuation products please contact our team on 0844 8840015.




"There are many companies claiming they are experts in rainwater harvesting. After searching the market place we would only endorse Stormsaver, for their detailed expertise, knowledge, and high integrity. To me, this speaks volumes.  As the market expands, and the interest in rain water harvesting increases I expect Stormsaver to lead the way."

Graham Mann - Director, The Alternative Water Company

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems