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18 Nov 2021

Stormsaver celebrate Womens Entrepreneurship Day 2021

We’re celebrating Womens Entrepreneurship day 2021!

Lisa Farnsworth, Stormsaver, Women’s Entrepreneurship day 2021

Lisa Farnsworth, Managing Director of Stormsaver, said: “Women Entrepreneurs are being celebrated across the world today. Having run my own manufacturing business for 19 years, with a construction industry client base, I have found myself operating in a traditionally male influenced world. However during this time, it has been exciting to see a shift towards women in leadership roles in engineering, design and sustainability.

Today I am proud to be a part of our female collective who work hard each day to bring equality, innovation and growth to an industry which has in recent times been the backbone of our economy. Long may we all continue to inspire future generations to succeed and believe in themselves, regardless of gender, and I shall certainly continue to challenge, innovate, and encourage all my colleagues to shoot for the stars!”

Visit Lisa's profile here

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Facilities and SHE Manager - Further Education College