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21 Jul 2021

Excellent engineering - it's what we do

We’d like to take the opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to our highly skilled engineering team who continue to go the extra mile for our clients.

Here at Stormsaver HQ we are constantly receiving great feedback on our engineering teams when they visit sites across the nation, especially when maintaining our systems. Stormsaver’s engineering team are fully trained to deal will any issues that should arise in a rainwater harvesting system and always demonstrate exemplary customer service and safety knowledge when negotiating with our lovely clients. 

We could fill this whole page with feedback but here are just a few examples of what our fantastic clients are saying:

  • “Your engineer on site yesterday is a credit to your company” – Ecommerce site team
  • “could you pass on my gratitude to your engineer Daniel, he was very friendly and informative and a pleasure to meet” – School maintenance manager


WELL DONE and THANK YOU from all of us at Stormsaver HQ!


If your rainwater harvesting system is currently without a bespoke maintenance package, why not consider our experienced team for all your maintenance needs! Learn more about the benefits here:


Get an idea of how much a rainwater harvesting system will cost your business or home

Quick Quote

“What an absolute credit to our team your engineer was. I was most impressed with the way he worked and couldn’t have asked for a better or more helpful commissioning engineer. I will certainly be recommending Stormsaver to my colleagues” 

Site Manager - Dyer and Butler