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23 May 2018

Environment Agency predicts severe water shortages by 2050

Today the Environment Agency has predicted severe water shortages in England by 2050 unless rapid action is taken to change the situation.

In 2016, around 9,500 billion litres of freshwater were taken from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and underground sources. Of this 27% was used by the electricity supply industry and 55% of this used by public water companies.

In addition to this over 3 billion litres was wasted due to leakage, an issue that the water companies have been working hard to address for many years now. Progress has been made but there is clearly a long way to go.

The full report can be found here

Stormsaver and the UK Rainwater Management Association have been campaigning for many years for a change in legislation to encourage water re-use and rainwater harvesting on a much larger scale on new build projects and it is clear that these technologies have a critical part to play in the overall water strategy for the UK.

washing machineInterestingly, reading the comments on the BBC web site, it is clear that the general public has a mixed view on the prospect of reducing water use and generally, the feeling is that a "god-given" right is being taken from them. The government and water companies must, therefore, start with ensuring that everyone knows the facts.

I was surprised how many people believe that we have the most expensive water in Europe, which is not the case as many countries, such as Germany, have already had to go through the process of re-evaluating their water use and scarcity has forced prices extremely high. Rainwater harvesting was a very successful solution to this and now these systems are commonplace in the country.

Stormsaver would call on the Government and the Environment Agency to encourage water reuse on a national level and within future policies and legislation.

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