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The only Rainwater Harvesting System supplier you will ever need
08 May 2019

Active Attenuation - The Future of Rainwater Management

Active Attenuation – Helping construction firms to reduce drainage costs and installation times 


Last year Stormsaver, the UK’s largest rainwater harvesting system provider,partnered with StormHarvester to bring a new industry leading Active Attenuation system to the construction market. The system allows an attenuation tank to act as a dual-purpose system operating both as a flood prevention tank and a rainwater harvesting tank. This means that construction firms no longer need to spend time and money installing separate attenuation and rainwater harvesting tanks instead they can now install one simple hybrid system.

Active Attenuation Rainwater harvestingBy eliminating the need for a second tank on the site construction firms can also “get back” time within their construction program. This has proved very helpful on a number of sites where the installation of the drainage works had threatened to delay the overall construction program. 

Together StormHarvester and Stormsaver are working with construction firms tendering for new projects to help them reduce their overall project cost and their construction program therefore enhancing their chances of winning new projects through the tender process. The first systems are currently going in as Consultants and Construction companies rush to be the first to lead the way with this exciting new product.

Stormsaver and StormHarvester offer a number of different active attenuation solutions depending on the particular requirements of the site. The system can be integrated with both tank and crate attenuation systems.Active Attenuation rainwater tanks

 The system works by linking the attenuation tanks directly to a weather forecast platform. This allows the StormHarvester system to control the water levels within the tank based on the current rainfall forecast by the operation of an actuating valve or a pump set. It means that instead of the attenuation tanks sitting empty almost 99% of the time they can now be used to hold and recycle water. This allows the attenuation tank to contribute to a buildings BREEAM points while also allowing the building to save on water charges over the lifetime of the building. 

Water re-use is a hot topic at the moment, with The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, Sir James Bevan, warning that in 25 years the UK will not have enough water to meet demand. A scary prediction.

Where Attenuation is now a “must have” on new build sites, our solution makes it simple to also answer the problem of water scarcity as well as flood risk. 

Chelsea Gelzinis - Senior Project Manager at Alrimo Construction Ltd, comments,

“The StormHarvester technology allowed us to combine the attenuation and rainwater harvesting system on a recent project in London. The active attenuation system allowed us to reduce our costs and helped us install the drainage on time.” 

If you have a project which could benefit from reduced costs and construction time by installing an active attenuation system contact our Technical Experts on 0844 8840015 who will be happy to help.

A short demonstration video can be viewed at 

“We installed the Stormsaver domestic rainwater harvesting system 8 years ago. The savings on our mains water consumption have been amazing. We are a 4 person household, with 2 kids so lots of baths and clothes washing! We use around 56m3 of mains water a year the same as an average single person household without rainwater harvesting.  Our systems provides rainwater for toilets, laundry and irrigation and has reduced our water bill over £200 a year. I specialise in designing and building low energy housing and it is important that I not only research the best available products, but actual experience using them. The Stormsaver system has been simple to install and maintain with very good after market care, I will be using their product again.”

Charlie Luxton - Architect and TV Presenter

The Leader In Rainwater Harvesting Systems