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Hydraloop Domestic Greywater Recycling Systems

Hydraloop redHydraloop Domestic Greywater Recycling Systems


The Hydraloop domestic greywater recycling can be used in any household to reduce the amount of mainswater used and therefore reducing your bills. The unit is sleek, well designed and will provide you with free, clean and clear recycled water for use in your toilets and washing machine, as well as on the garden.

The system collects waste water from your sinks, showers, bath and laundry and rather than this water going to drain, it is recycled through the Hydraloop unit.

How is the greywater cleaned?

Water enters the processor treatment tank in the body of the unit. The heavier sedimentation sinks to the bottom and is collected in a sedimentation chamber.

Floatation - Floating dirt such as soap scum and hair is collected in the central tank and is removed using a skimmer.

Disolved air flotation - Tiny air bubbles travel upwards through the central tank and smaller parts of dirt cling to the air bubbles which rise to the top

Foam fractionation - once the dirt covered air bubbles arrive at the top of the tank they dirt is skimmed off and then removed

Treatment - Biological treatment using an aerobic bioreactor then occurs

UV disinfection - once clean the water is UV disinfected every 4 hours.

There is no need for any chemicals to clean the greywater, making it low maintenance and easy to run.

To find out more on how the unique patented water treatment technology works with these 5 stages please click the link and watch this short video -

Potential savings

The Hydraloop is predicted to reduce your mains water use and sewage emissions by around 45%. You will also benefit from energy savings by using the residual energy in the recycled shower water, reducing your environmental impact.

Your investment pays for itself in terms of the savings that you can make, and all the while you feel good about contributing to saving the planet without compromising on your lifestyle by using less water.


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