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Tank installation information

What is the burial depth of a Stormsaver tank? The depth on-site can be variable depending upon the depth of the drainage on site. A standard tank can be installed with up to 2.0m of cover. Tanks installed below this depth will require a heavy-duty tank or super heavy-duty depending upon depth and the height of the water table. Check out our rainwater harvesting products.



Where does the tank have to be positioned? There are no Building Regulations concerning the position of a Stormsaver system, however, good practice would state that the tank must be positioned at least 5m away from a building. Please notify Stormsaver (01636 815254) of the length of pipe run from the system controls to enable us to provide the correct size of pumps to achieve the desired flow rates taking into account pipe sizing. Check out our rainwater harvesting products.



Can the tank be buried lower than the water table? Yes, Stormsaver tanks can be buried below the water table – allowance is required for de-watering the excavation during installation and details of this are supplied with the system or from our technical team 01636 815254. Check out our rainwater harvesting products.



Do I need to disinfect the water? Stormsaver recommends that you carry out a risk assessment for each site and application. Certain applications may increase the likelihood of accidental ingestion or breathing in the vapour from the rainwater as an aerosol - e.g. created by spraying water such in a vehicle wash, wash down facilities, spray irrigation. Other installations where disinfection should be considered due to there being young, elderly or those with low immune systems this may include schools, hospitals, health centres, care-homes, or HM Prisons.



Do I need to filter the water before the tank? Yes, it is a requirement of BS EN 16941-1:2018 to filter the water prior to storage. This first stage of filtration is critical to assist with water quality. Why choose us?



Does the tank need to be encased in concrete? Stormsaver standard tank range should be encased in concrete. Stormsaver does offer a range of larger tanks suitable for installation in pea gravel however the installation is more involved due to surface loadings and the height of the local water table, allowance for surface water within the ground etc. This makes this option economically viable for larger tanks – smaller tanks may be better installed by concrete surround – ask our technical team 01636 815254

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"We have been using Stormsaver systems for the last 5-6 years on all our commercial projects and it is always a pleasure to work with them, very professional, always helpful, and deliver their promises every time. Big thank you to all members of the Stormsaver team.

Excellent Job!!!"

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