Maintenance information

How often should the tanks be cleaned? Approx. every two years depending on the site i.e if there is a living/green roof this may be required more often.


When do I clean the filters? The system has a visual alarm on the panel to advise you to clean the filters. If you upgrade the Stormsaver system the filters in the building can even backwash these filters for you to minimize maintenance requirements and provide peace of mind. If the visible alarm isn’t enough, the system is easily connected to the BMS. Tank Cleaning


How often should the system be serviced? Is it recommended that the systems are serviced every 6 months. 


How do I know what maintenance is needed? Stormsaver provides a complete Operations and Maintenance manual including any site-specific drawings of equipment fitted at the specific site. The manual provides a breakdown of maintenance, which can be carried out either with your own maintenance team, or we can take out the hassle for you and maintain the system with our range of maintenance packages based on 1-5 year contracts. Why? Ask our service team on 01636 815254.



Can Stormsaver maintain the system? For peace of mind, Stormsaver can take out the hassle of maintenance with our range of maintenance packages based on 1-5 year contracts. Maintenance Packages 

Ask our Rain Maintain team on 01636 815254.



Will I have problems with limescale? Rainwater is free from detergents and is soft water (ie no limescale), along with other applications this makes it ideal for use in washing machines, on the garden and when washing the car you will not get the smears left by scale from mains water! Tank Cleaning


Why is the tank in low level? Lack of rain will cause the tank to go into low level.


How do I reset the system? Most systems pressing a and + together will reset the system.


How often does the UV bulb need to be changed? Every 12 months.

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