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Is a Greywater system the same as a rainwater system?

A grey water system uses dirty was collected from Baths, showers, washing machine but normally excludes water from the kitchen sink. Water in a grey water system can fluctuate in water quality depending upon the source of water and it is normal practice to only store small volumes of water for up to a 24 hour period to prevent rapid growth of bacteria. The water may contain faecal contaminants from washing machines or from bathing water from children, detergents, skin deposits, body fats, hair etc all of which require removal and disinfection prior to application. Check out our rainwater harvesting products.

"I would just like to say that your Commissioning Engineer, Andy Pink was a pleasure to work with at our site this week and extremely professional. Carlsberg don’t do Rainwater Engineers but if they did Andy Pink would be their Hero!"



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