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Greywater Recycling Systems

Put water conservation at the heart of your operation with our advanced commercial greywater recycling systems.

Commercial Greywater Recycling SystemsThe Aqualoop Greywater Recycling System provides a sustainable supply of safe, reclaimed water to non-potable outlets across commercial buildings. Aqualoop gives your building access to reduced mains water consumption and money savings on mains water bills, all whilst contributing towards your sustainable goals.

Greywater Recycling captures reclaimed water from hand basins and showers to supply a range of applications, including toilets, irrigation, vehicle washing and many other industrial processes. Advanced membrane filtration technology is combined with chemical dosing to give you complete peace of mind that your water supply is of the highest quality.  

Greywater Recycling is ideal for large commercial properties with high levels of water consumption. Recommended for new developments which have a large occupancy and small roof area, Aqualoop is well suited to hotels, office blocks and apartments.

The pre-assembled greywater recycling unit can be supplied in a range of capacities which are sized based on your bespoke requirements. As well as traditional BMS capabilities, the greywater recycling system can be delivered with I-Connect, which allows facility managers access to real time system information from the comfort of their office. The I-Connect monitoring system is designed with simplicity in mind and can be view from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.


The benefits

  • Boost your business’s sustainability credentials by using water twice
  • Low space requirements – Water is recycled and used for non-potable applications daily
  • We can ensure crystal clear water quality by the ultrafiltration process
  • Pre-assembled to ensure the installation process is as smooth as possible
  • We can offer you a bespoke commercial greywater recycling system based on your site requirements
  • Gain up to 5 BREEAM points for you new development 


Maintenance made simple.

Greywater recycling uk We can ensure you have complete peace of mind over the long-term operation of your greywater recycling system with our unique remote monitoring system. Available on desktop or mobile, the monitoring system gives you access to the operational status of the system at your fingertips.

Looking for a bespoke greywater monitoring solution? We can tailor the monitoring system to meet your site specific requirements. 


Bespoke Water Recycling Solutions

Interested in maximising the benefits of both rainwater harvesting and commercial greywater recycling? Why not contact our expert commercial sales team here.


How Greywater Recycling Works

Stormsaver can provide a range of Greywater Recycling solutions for commercial and residential properties. If your business is passionate about water conservation, or your development is on a Water Neutrality site, then Greywater Recycling is just one of the ways you can recycle water. Learn how it works here.

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Greywater Recycling Standards and Legislation

Greywater Recycling Standards & Legislation

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“Stormsaver has helped us to upgrade the existing rainwater harvesting system. We desperately needed support and within one month they had attended site, carried out a survey, manufactured the new control panel, and installed and commissioned the system. Together the team at Stormsaver responded quickly, understood our requirements, and worked to ensure that we had the best solution. Their knowledge and expertise have resulted in us now having a fully functional, efficient rainwater harvesting system and we would highly recommend that other clients who need their existing rainwater system upgrading, contact Stormsaver for support.”

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